DIY Motion Control Dolly

Some wardrobe hangers set on a couple of Push up bars are the foundation for this pretty slick DIY motion control slider by Vimeo member Jayhas. A wireless RC remote and continuous servo control the speed, and the basic rig is comprised of a few skateboard trucks. I think I have a good idea on how it all works, but there isn't a very clear tutorial on the build. Hopefully we'll see a follow up with a closer inspection to how it was all assembled. You could find some additional information following the link.

5 thoughts on “DIY Motion Control Dolly

  1. Jayhas

    @jarrett towe - Sorry I don't have any tutorial on this. But I have added more info at Vimeo based on questions raised by HD-topography. You can find the link above.

    @y2j - Thanks.

    @Austin - I did not sum up the cost, but if you look through the list I posted at the above link, I think you can get a rough idea. The main bulk will be the servo motor and the RC controllers. I bought the cheapest I could find.

  2. jarrett towe

    How about a detailed tutorial? you could combine this with a pan and tilt head for rc airplane cameras, and have a slick unit! But i need drawings and instructions cause im not mechanically inclined!

  3. Jayhas

    Thanks for the shout Emm.

    I hope this DIY job will add on to more ideas on using basic parts available any where. Where I live, it took me weeks to track down suppliers who carry GI threaded rods! Used to live in Canada, so I miss the Canadian Tires, Beaver Lumber etc.

    I am not good at write-ups on things that I do or make, so this will be a quite a challenge for me. I will try to list the main components and provide links a bit later on Vimeo.

    Coming over to your site almost everyday really taught me a lot. So thank you very much for this wonderful place.

    - jayhas

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