Mike from Sweden sends in a couple of his DIY DSLR Rig photos. Made from wood, Ikea Cutting Board, Bike Handles, and the steel parts are Ikea kitchen handles. Folds down a bit for traveling, Pretty sweet DIY [Thanks Mike]


Jess Paul builds a DIY shoulder rig 'around' a Tripod base. Not only acting as a counterweight of sorts, but a proper stand when he needs to set the rig down to get into tripod mode. This might be an unusual setup for some, but necessity is the mother of invention. This seems to be a good solution for the fast paced work that he does. [Thanks Jess Paul]

PVC Shoulder RigJess Paul Tripod Shoulder Rig

YouTube member vapingmonkey puts together a lengthy video on how to make a DIY PVC shoulder rig with a top handle. [Thanks CJ]

Paul writes in and shares his DIY Zoom H4n mount to a Boom Pole. Handy to have the audio recorder in sight while booming for sound. Link to Instructables Here. [Thanks Paul]

Zoom Boom Pole

8 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Stuff

  1. On my tripod rig, another important aspect is that the handle is positioned in a way which balances the camera between the shoulder pad and the handle. This frees up my left hand to focus and help steady the rig. The lens is essentially the second handle.

  2. Rabby

    Hi Emm,

    Thanks for posting. Does Mike from Sweden, have any Vimeo or YouTube link for instructions on this built. Looks great thought I try this.


  3. Cinesota

    Here is what I use to mount my Zoom H4N to my boom pole: Holds the H4N perfectly and much cleaner than the DIY solution. Price has gone up a little but sometimes can be found cheaper elsewhere. Works to hold a camera on a car window or on a pair of bike handlebars as well so multiple uses.

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