DIY DSLR Stabilizer + DIY Slider

Madeline writes in and shares a couple of cool looking DIY projects. First up is a stabilizer mainly made up of Bike parts (looks closely) and a few custom machined rails.


Second on the DIY list is a camera slider that was part of a rowing type exercise machine found in the trash. Talk about eco-friendly recycling and re-purposing.


Pretty cool stuff, which you can find a little more about on the website - Here. [Thanks Madeline]

4 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Stabilizer + DIY Slider

  1. Jason, which lighting pins are you talking about? Certainly there isn't a brass monkey in 1 1/8" diameter, is there?

    My Leitz Tiltall and Manfrotto monopod are both slightly too large (by mere fractions of an inch) to fit a 1 1/8" stem unfortunately! My first shoulder rig was going to be a convertable monopod.

  2. Mr Mato

    I knew it was only a matter of time, before i'd start seeing bike based rigs.
    Looks good!
    Can't wait to see test footage...

  3. jason

    Ha! The road bike handle bar rig was my first DIY rig two years ago. A friend liked it so much he made his own for getting certain shots for the snowboard movie Deeper.

    One cool thing is a lot of bike stems are made to fit 1-1/8" fork tubes the same size as a lot of cinema rig lighting pins. The old Manfrotto tripod columns fit right into these bike stems. Instant fig rig.

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