DIY 15mm Rig Counterweight with Telescope Balance Weights

Here's a very simple and clean DIY counterweight solution to add onto your 15mm Video Rigs. This tip comes from Jason and he shows us how a Balance Weight typically used on telescopes will clamp nicely to any 15mm Rail. [Thanks Jason]. He's using a Meade 1422 counterweight, but i'm guessing there are other versions that may work as well. Check out the products via eBay (click here).

Telescope Counterweight Meade 1422
find-price-button Telescope Counter Balance Weight

There are also other versions of Telescope Counter Balance weights available via Amazon (found here)
Telescope Meade CounterweightMeade Counterweight
find-price-button Telescope Counter Balance Weights

6 thoughts on “DIY 15mm Rig Counterweight with Telescope Balance Weights

  1. Connor Ryan

    I purchased these counterweights...they did not fit on my Gini 15mm rails 🙁 However I just used some threaded bolts in the threaded ends of the Gini rods and it worked great!

  2. Louis

    Hi, anyone tested? Can confirm if it really fits 15mm rods? The ebay states the hole is 5/8" which is 16mm. I'm afraid if it is bigger than my 15mm rods.

  3. imgpro615

    the ebay weights seem the more affordable at 10USD each but with 10bux shipping it could get highly pricey unless they combine shipping for multiple units...

    the amazon weights are RIDICULOUSLY expensive...might save coin by doing what Emm did with the dive weight or using a spare rail receiver and stacking a weight on that...
    actually, i think i may just give that a shot...

  4. Ed

    Looks like a good alternative, as long as your carefully when tightening down the thumbscrew as it may pit the rod it too tight.

  5. AndyH

    Nice idea and they look good. I need more counterweight for my Gini rig, the problem I've found is I need more length extending out the back of the shoulder pad to make my shoulder a better pivot point. I've found that whilst 15mm rods are an industry standard measurement, unfortunately the thread used to screw them together is not standard and having purchased 3 different brand 15mm rails, none of them screw together as each has a different thread. Stupid. I'm currently using a dive weight as ballast but without the extention at back it doesn't work! I wish these rods had the same threads. Perhaps an article detailing this discrepancy could change this?!

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