Cinevate’s Atlas 10 DSLR Camera Slider

Unboxing the Cinevate Atlas 10 Linear Tracking System

Just got done talking about Cinevate's innovation in the DSLR camera market with the recent announcement of the Cyclops system, and I was quickly reminded about a not yet available 'Atlas 10' camera slider. Cinevate hands down already makes some of the best darn 'camera sliders' a.k.a 'Linear tracking Systems', so what else can they truly be improving upon? We'll just have to wait and see what all the buzz is about on this new Cinevate Atlas 10, but one lucky gentleman got an early preview and threw up a sneak peek video unboxing.

Cinevate Inc Atlas 30 LTS with 100mm Bow

One of the more popular readily available sliders is the Cinevate Atlas 30 LTS. Using two linear rods instead of the usual single track proved to be one of the lightest and smoothest designs. The photos of the new Atlas 10 uses something completely different with the rails tucked away inside of a hollowed track. There are a ton of photos and a full write up with more descriptions and details about this mythological Cinevate Atlas 10 Camera slider from the links over at the video page here:

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  2. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself as the person who created the atlas 10 sneak peek video :). A friend of mine alerted me to this post so it's interesting to see where the influx of new views are coming from. Thanks for the mention, cheers. -Randy

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