Cinevate – Trawly Dolly

Cinevate shares a clever idea of adding wheels to their Simplis stabilizer rig allowing them to get more creative dolly / tracking shots. They've provided it with the name 'Trawly'. Very clever stuff guys! What do you guys think?

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16 thoughts on “Cinevate – Trawly Dolly

  1. Diana

    Cinevate is a little pricey but I bought the Dual Simplis because I liked how it felt when I tested it. I just ordered the wheels and now think I'll have a really compact little setup for handholding my camera and getting some cool movements.

  2. imgpro615

    ...i love how Emm shows us the high end overpriced industry wares and then brings it home with a low cost alternative...that is one of the many reasons i love cheesycam!! power to the 'have nots'

  3. I don't know about this. With always having to adjust and tighten and change wheels out...The parts will wear out pretty quickly. I love Cinevate but this is something I will pass up.

  4. jarrett

    I see people putting bearings and skate wheels on those bendy tripods all the time. surely that is cheaper!

  5. johnson

    Innovative. The wheels aren't obtrusive in appearance that, you can use this as a shoulder rig (just about everyone owns one now) with the bonus of a table dolly.

    @andy Don't limit yourself to smooth floor shots, get creative and use vertical smooth walls, park benches, glass windows especially like front or rear winshield that's angled.

  6. I think it's awesome. Unfortunately, I do most of my shooting outside where there isn't many smooth surfaces. Therefore a slider is the better option for me. However, I plan on getting one of these for when I'm shooting inside. Most of my future projects heavily take place inside.

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