Cinevate Moco – Motion Control Time Lapse

Cinevate teams up with DitoGear to offer the Cinevate Moco - motion control for Cinevate Sliders. The motorized add-on attaches to many of Cinevate's popular sliders and claims to handle movements that other sliders require separate motors to do. Repeatability with macro precision is maintained in any position - horizontally, angled, vertically, or inverted. The Cinevate Moco can further be expanded to support multi axis control from a tablet, or add on the DitoGear OmniHead for 3 axis 360x360 rotations. You can find additional information about Cinevate's Moco following the link (here).

Cinevate Moco Motion Control for Sliders
Cinevate Moco - Motion Control for Cinevate Sliders

5 thoughts on “Cinevate Moco – Motion Control Time Lapse

  1. AR, thanks for your comments. The jib pricing is something that has been raised before, however we need to be careful in our comparisons. The jib is aggressively priced for a unit that carries 50lbs, with under 1mm total flex, which weighs under 27lbs itself. Consider also that every component is CNC machined 6061 aluminum, and purpose designed. All parts, including the tubes, are fully anodized, inside and out for lifetime protection against corrosion. We are manufacturing AXIS in a very unique method that essentially has all of the components machined at the same time, in one machine. Other than the automated tool changes, nothing moves between the 100 plus operations required. Therefore, our accuracy/precision is at levels that we've never even come close to before. It's a lifetime part...and we figure a good professional jib should be built that way. Why all the fuss? Our professional shooters have made it clear that bounce is not cool, but silky smooth is. This means crazy accuracy and lot of bearings are required. They told us deployment needed to be under 2 minutes, and it needed to be light enough to take everywhere. That was our goal. Not to worry...a simpler unit with lighter payload is on its way. Incidentally, the entire rig is machined here in Canada, with materials/components sourced here, and in the US.

    Paul, the moco project has seen delays, so no argument there. Our collaboration with Ditto has resulted in this no compromises, professional product line, which at it's price, is at or under competitive products. Unlike most of the competitors though, our sliders are designed for hands-on operation...a design challenge that means that the precision, stiction/resistance properties have to be much, much better than a unit designed solely for motorized use. It is important to note that we still have another moco product (wireless) that will target the sub-$600 range. (You may have seen it in older Cinegear coverage). That unit we showed (moco and wireless ff system) has seen a complete time-lapse work flow and interactive LCD screen added in.

    The most important point in all of this is that we're covering all of our sliders..including older ones for fitment with these kits. So anyone wishing to add moco to a Cinevate slider, past/present or future has that option. Anyone investing in this gear will have the option of taking their gear, and simply plugging it in to Evolution, the tablet based, wifi based, full keyframe 6 axis system. For that matter, the 3 axis real time controller is $600 and therefore perfect for remote motion management on a jib like Axis that can support the weight... We thing that's pretty cool.

    Thanks again all for your interest 🙂
    Dennis Wood (Cinevate guy)

  2. Paul

    Cinevate has been a bit frustrating me a bit lately. A lot of their recent products like this and the jib were released way later and for way more than they had initially said it would be. I know stuff happens but it seems like a developing pattern and doesn't give me a lot of faith in the company. This still isn't shipping for a month. Initially I was going to buy this in september, but ended up investing in the kessler system which I am very happy with.

  3. AR

    there's the cineskates moco dolly as well. i really dont get cinevat's pricing with this and their new axis jib, horribly overpriced. even their small sliders are pretty on par with konovas which are half the price

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