Cinevate HoriZen Video Slider Features

In this video, i'm running through some of the features you'll find with the new Cinevate HoriZen video slider. Out of the box the slider can be used directly on any flat surface, and includes non-marring small adjustable feet for minor leveling adjustments. If your'e looking to use it on more aggressive terrain, you can opt-in for the All Terrain Legs that add a lot more height and stability.

You can find several threaded points under the HoriZen for mounting it to tripods or stands. The slider is trapped between the Aluminum frame, so you can use the slider completely inverted. The Variable Magnetic Braking feature is by far a true game changer when it comes to video sliders. Through opposing magnetic forces similar to brakes on an Electric Super Train it's an ingenious feature with zero friction and zero wear.

I've never worked with a smoother video slider, and the ability to fine tune a 'drag feel' according to the weight of your rig or to your preference is pretty amazing. Perfect for heavier camera setups, but can be tuned to the same feel for smaller lightweight camera systems. Along the sides of the slider are sliding threaded mounts for you to add cine-arms or other accessories.

If you're looking to get more advanced motion control, the Cinevate HoriZen Slider can be upgraded to use one of Cinevate's Motion Control systems.

Cinevate HoriZen Video Slider
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Product Features:
Integrated 100mm bowl center mount with 75mm option
Tripod center mount and integrated c-stand mounts
Adjustable stops
Carriage locks anywhere on the rails via the precision disc brake system
Fully integrated caged flywheel
Fully anodized solid CNC machined 60-61 aluminum
Stainless steel fasteners eliminates corrosion conerns
Positive lock washer/tiedown (includes both Imperial and Metric tiedowns)
Quick-Stow All Terrain Legs
Fluidic Drag Control
Kevlar reinforced belt
Versatile accessory track mounting system
Enhanced camera sled stability profile
Integrated bubble level
100LBS Capacity
3FT Weights 16LBS

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  1. Post author

    @Petter sand - Carbon fiber is always the lightest. You can't beat carbon fiber when it comes to weight. One with a center column might be the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3, and one with a bowl mount might be the gigantic Induro XXL.

    But if you're looking for a tall tripod because you are shooting over crowds, you may also want to consider a platform. It gets you above the crowds without a big tripod. Sometimes platforms also give you the room you need so you're not being overcrowded by people standing next to you. This is a great solution for setting up cameras at events. Something like this Spider Tripod Riser

  2. Hi Emm!
    Thanks for your blog! As always i appriciate it very much.
    I have a Q about tripods. I need a tripod to be light and
    Beeing quite high like old style eng tripod. About 170 cm.
    What would you say is the best bang for the buck?
    I have a gh5 and manftottohead. The head can be mounted with 3/4 screw. Light weight is preferable.
    Best regards

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