Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit Accessory for Quick Modifiers and Colored Gels

The Boltzen Snap Kit is a quick magnetic mount for adding light modifiers or colored filters (gels). It's a simple way to change your small CAME-TV Daylight Boltzen Fresnels to Tungsten or use it to add a splash of color from the dozens of choices in the kit.

You can find more information about the CAME-TV Boltzen Snap Kit over at their website (found here).

Boltzen Snap Kitcame-tv boltzen snap kit
CAME-TV Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit

5 thoughts on “Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit Accessory for Quick Modifiers and Colored Gels

  1. Paul Harwood

    Hey Emm,

    Thank you for the quick response. CAME-TV says this light is 16 amps, and the church outlets are 15 amps. The globe is 120V = 15 amps, so it is a bit confusing. I might just use an American globe to ensure it's 15 amps. I spoke with my father who worked for an electrical company and he didn't think 1 amp would trip the breaker. I spoke to the audio visual director at the church, and he said he could meet up a couple days before the concert starts and test it. That way I'll know how the light will behave before the show. Hopefully the light is bright enough and the spot mode is efficient to actual hit the ceiling and bounce off. I've ordered a stabilizer from CAME-TV before and it's great so hopefully their lights are good. If I bought an LED with this output it would be out of my price range, and I prefer the tungsten lights at the moment. The concert isn't until the spring, and I'm saving money for the light, but I'll definitely post here with how it worked out. If you have any other feedback or suggestions that would be great. Thanks.

    - Paul

  2. Post author

    @Paul Harwood - Sorry I haven't used those larger fresnels from CAME-TV, and haven't compared them to anything else. It sounds like you may be looking into something other than LED, and perhaps you should check if the circuit in the church can even provide that type of power draw. Often in some older buildings you could easily blow a fuse or trip a breaker with those bigger lights.

  3. Paul Harwood

    Hello Emm,

    I’m currently not sure which to purchase: Came-TV 2000W fresnel (which is new) vs. a used 2000w fresnel light. Both are close in price. I want to shine a spot light into a church ceiling to bounce the light for a choir concert. You actually gave me this suggestion a year ago, and prices of lights seem more affordable for me now. Do you by any chance know if CAME-TV fresnels output the same amount of light as a Quartz, Desisti, Ikan, Mole Richardson, or Arri? I’ve read good and bad things online and I value your input. I just want to make sure my income is spent on the better product. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

    - Paul

  4. XTZ

    Emm - The Boltzen lights look extremely versatile. What's your opinion on how they compare to the Rotolight Neo 2 for video work?

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