CheesyCam Rigs Gone Wild

Wow, it's amazing how a simple product from the aisles of a home improvement store can be transformed into so many different things by so many different people. In Video world, this is actually becoming a quite popular little DIY stabilizer and feedback has been great about the stability of the tool. Here's a couple more rigs that are popping up.

Kelly Bailey's DIY Rig

Jonathan Olshefski's DIY Rig

Franklin Anciano's DIY Rig

And here's a couple of Photos submitted by Sean Brown. The rig was used somewhere in their 'Lightface' film project.

Check out the Video trailer below shot in what I believe is the Canon 550D / T2i. I get lots of emails, so if I've missed anyone else, or if you have one to share, let me know, thanks.

2 thoughts on “CheesyCam Rigs Gone Wild

  1. That trailer was pretty damn awesome. I've been following this guys youtube for a while now, he has some crazy cool stuff.

    Also, I think I should look into trying to build a rig myself. I hope I can find the stuff I need for this, I live in Cyprus and I'm not even sure where they have a DIY store or anything of the sort, hehe. 🙂

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