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Ok guys, there's no question that readers on Cheesycam are interested in gear. It's a big part of why people come here. The other day someone asked about upgrading from their Glidecam HD2000 to the HD4000, and then someone else in the same day mentioned 'downgrading' from an HD4000 to HD2000. It only makes sense to find a way to connect people and share some of these great used gear sales.

I'm planning on creating a seperate page where people can share links to their eBay (only) auctions. Now this can open up a whole new can of worms, and i'm doing this more as a favor and not an obiligation. Don't make me regret opening up this new section on my website! I don't want this to become a spam page. So for the first 'test' run of this new section there will be some very very strict guidelines. I'll tell you right now, that one of the guidelines is for 'individuals' and single items, not for 'businesses trying to sell a line of products'. If you can't meet these guidelines, this is not the place for you to share your link.

I'll be working on this new page today, and will update you all when it's available. In this new page you'll also find what the guidelines will be. I'll become more flexible if this works out, but if it gets out of hand, i'll just have to take the section down. I'll create a separate tab for this so that it doesn't interfere with the articles and postings. More to come in a few hours...

[Update] Page is up, please read through carefully before posting anything. It's available in the [Tabs] above or here:

14 thoughts on “Cheesycam Equipment Classified Page?

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Darius - It is surely not the 'game changer'.... I'm currently trying to finalize an actual product that should change the way people think about using a ............

  2. Darius

    I would love to see a DIY built gear section down the road if all goes well. May I ask if this was the game changer you referenced?

  3. Aberz


    You should have your own store that at least affiliate with Amazon. That way you can make some money when readers browse your gear of choice

  4. bolo

    I hope you continue to evolve this...what'd be great is a ebay-free marketplace for your users/viewers like pentax forums has.

    you still get feedback profile through an open source forum software and they require a bit a of a donation (less than ebay fees by far if you sell much) to sell stuff, which would be a great bonus for you!

    Again, good stuff, keep it up - I love stopping by here!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @everyone - it will be a new tab where you can leave comments. The comments is where you can leave links to your ebay listings. These comments will be moderated to ensure they meet my personal guidelines, but in no way do I verify items. Thats between buyer, seller, and eBay. But guaranteed thousands of views will be directed to your auction to help you get the best exposure from a highly targeted audience.

  6. Jarrett

    this is great! as the sad owner(because of having to sell all my stuff) of a nearly unused 7d, along with zoom h1, and glidecam 4000 (newer model), along with multiple mounts and ebay classic lenses, I have wanted to part with my gear but not rely on ebay. I can't wait for this feature!

  7. Jay

    Really good idea. Not sure what you are thinking about but it would be a good idea to only allow verified PayPal account with verified address to buy/sell. If you are using WP with a store plugin there should a way to check for that.

  8. So many of us visit CheesyCam multiple times a day, and we are all upgrading and selling our equipment. And a lot of the equipment will probably be stuff discovered through this site. A Classified Page is a smart idea. Don't forget a "WANTED" section.

    By the way - Today, I just got my new Panasonic GH2 that I ordered from RitzCamera, 5 days ago. I know most visitors on CheesyCam are probably Canon HDSLR users, but I may have 1 or 2 Panasonic GH1's to sell.

    When the Classified Page is up, this will be my first post: WANTED: Nikon manual lenses - 50mm 1.2, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4, 85 1.8, 105mm 1.8.

  9. Kenswift

    Awesome. I actually have some old Nikkor Nikon Lenses on Ebay now! (Including a sweet 1.2 55MM) Auction ends Saturday so I hope its up before then! Thanks Emm. Great Idea!

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