Cheap Compact Pro Matte Box

Tom writes in and shares this new Matte Box find. Product description shows dual 4x4 filter trays (only one rotatable). [Thanks Tom] Comes with height adjustable 15mm rod clamp, Top and Side flags, and a couple of black-out neoprene donuts. No swing away design here, but It does look much lighter than the ePhoto MatteBox (seen here).

This titled 'Compact Pro Matte Box' also lists fairly cheap with more images found at $150 bucks + Free Shipping on eBay (Click Here).

find-price-button Compact Pro Matte Box

5 thoughts on “Cheap Compact Pro Matte Box

  1. @eikerir - The mount is very solid and that's why I love it - no wiggle whatsoever. The less moving parts the better and that's why I didn't buy the swing-away version although I still think it's too big and awkward for a dslr rig.

    Since this was a new thing for me I purchased very cheap 4x4 gel type filters from Lee Filters. They cost like $65. Again very cheap. I do not know the exact width.

    The gentleman in the YouTube video mentioned a thickness of 3mm. It may do 4mm but "I" cannot confirm.

    If you have any additional questions, let me know!

    Good luck!

  2. @Frank another thing, have you tied 4x4 filters on it? I use Tiffen filters and one of the complains i sometimes see of these cheaper matte boxes is than some filters don't fit on the trays depending on the brand/thickness.

  3. here's a video "review" i found on Youtube of the same Matte Box rebranded by some other company:

    I've keeping my eye on this model, i really like the big vertical adjustment.

    @Frank How solid is the actual mount? does the whole thing stay solid or does it rattle a bit if moving around?

  4. I have the same one and have been using it for about a month now. I got mine for about $140 + free shipping. Very high quality and my friend who owns a Chrosziel was very impressed with it and that he will probably buy one for his 2nd rig.

    Everything is metal even the screws to tighten the "metal" flags. The only thing plastic is the matte box itself. I believe the trays are plastic except the screw on it.

    I would definitely buy another...

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