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[emaillocker] After posting a few images of my BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Rig, i've received a lot of questions about how i'm mounting the single top 15mm Rod and my Monitor. The answer is this little Pico Plate by Kamerar. It's a tiny but super versatile piece you shouldn't be without.

You can attach it directly to an accessory (audio recorder, monitor, led light, wireless mic receiver, etc.) and then clamp it to a 15mm rod.

kamerar pico plate 15mm rod

Or you can add a Pico Plate to the sides or top of any Cage, and it will allow you to have a 15mm Rail clamp anywhere you choose. When combining two of them together you can make a very effective and sturdy EVF or Monitor Mount.

kamerar pico plate 15mm clamp mount

Since i've received a lot of comments about this part, i've asked PNCGear if they could offer a coupon code to my Exclusive subscribers. The kit they offered to discount is a 2pc Pico Plate combo that includes a polished aluminum 15mm Rod. It's a great kit. So if you're interested in this item, the coupon code is below - Enjoy!

25% OFF Coupon Code: CheesyCam-PicoCombo
On Item: https://www.photographyandcinema.com/products/pico-plate-combo

kamerar pncgear pico plate accessory clamp
Kamerar Pico Plate 15mm Clamp Accessory Mount


Get $400 OFF any combination of a 3 Piece BladeLight Kit! These new FloLight BladeLights are available in Daylight, Tungsten, or Green Screen, and in either an 18" or 36". Your kit will also include Free Shipping (within the US), a FREE Set of Light Stands, Soft Carry Cases, Power Supplies, and a number of BladeLight accessories.

This is the largest discount ever provided for the BladeLight since it's recent announcement. And if you set yourself up with a small 18" kit, it's pretty close to Buying 2 lights and getting 1 Free Bladelight type of offer.

But here's the catch! They've allowed me to offer this deal, but only to 4 people (and limit 1 kit per customer). Because of this limit, i'll be sending out the 4 coupon codes through my Exclusive Deals newsletter sometime next week. The first 4 people to use the coupon codes, gets the deal!

Flolight BladeLight Kit



kayo maxtar v-mount batteries

Here's another generous sponsored Giveaway from Kayo Maxtar also branded as MAXOAK. This company specializes in various batteries including V-Mount Batteries. The 177Wh version has a Full 5 star rating with customers on Amazon (seen here).

The problem with the 177Wh size of course is that it is too large to take on airlines. It exceeds the 160Wh capacity. So Kayo Maxtar has allowed us to to give away (3) of their 158Wh V-Mount batteries. Still lots of capacity for extra long run time, but just under the max limit for Airlines.

So here's how it works. Last time we used a countdown method, but some people felt they may have had a slight time difference to have a fair chance. So this time (3) Unique Coupon Codes will be POSTED UP HERE on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST). Not all codes will be posted at once, it will be random throughout that hour, so you'll just have to check in.

Some notes: Now while anyone is free to participate, the coupon codes are specifically for Amazon.com (US) and need to be used during your checkout with this product only. One coupon = 1 item. Only 1 item per customer. Price should be $0.00 during the checkout (except shipping).

Now if you've managed to use a coupon code successfully, leave a comment back here. It would be great to know who was able to get one, and which codes were used. Good Luck! Remember to check back at this article on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST).

[3 Coupon Codes will be Posted Here Randomly between 7-8pm (California time) 03.25.16]
Coupon Code #1 MXBTM8TY
Coupon Code #2 SO77IWUM
Coupon Code #3 36LI243M

Our sponsor has surprised us with three new additional coupon codes. When new codes are created, they are in Pending Status for a few hours. So we will post 3 Additional codes tomorrow for the 158Wh V-Mount batteries tomorrow morning between 10-12pm.

Coupon Code #4 2SHZ-YW467J-VGKE2U
Coupon Code #5 2SLZ-PRMBL5-MR9QY4
Coupon Code #6 2SEB-KF92MB-Q6JN8L

kayo maxtar v-mount batteries 158Wh
Kayo Maxtar MAXOAK 158Wh V-Mount Battery with D-Tap USB Includes Charger




This might seem unconventional, but it will all make sense once you understand how this works. With so many laws from different countries about participating in Contests, Sweepstakes, and Random Drawing Giveaways, we had to get a little more creative to be able to give back to our followers. Technically speaking, we are not holding a contest or random drawing sweepstake. There is no judging involved or submissions to participate. We're simply asking you to buy something - for FREE.

[When this timer expires 5 Coupon Codes will be Revealed]

Some people were unhappy about not being able to grab a code, so as a consolation AspenMics.com is offering a 30% CODE on select items. But this code is ONLY GOOD FOR ONE DAY.

30% OFF Code: OneDayOffer

Coupon codes can be applied to the following products at AspenMics.com page (HERE)


[emaillocker] In this article, you'll find a couple of discount codes you can use for discounted pricing on OSEE 15.6" LCM156 Professional 10bit Monitor Panels and Kits.

OSEE is a leading manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment in China since its foundation in 2001, and is just starting to offer their products here in the USA. Here's a look at one of their customer videos using the 24" Monitor on set during the 2015 NAB Finals (source).

Here's a product video specifically for the smaller 15.6" LCM156 10 bit Monitor Panel - this is the model you can apply the discount codes for.

OSEE LCM156 15.6" 10 bit Panel Monitor Product Description
The LCM156 15.6" Full HD Display is an economical solution for Film and Broadcast applications with an impressive and powerful feature set. With true 10 bit (1.07 billion colors) color depth an RGB Backlit screen and advanced IP engine exceed the performance and quality of many competing products at a price meant to make this model available to every user. Producers, Directors, Editors, Colorists, Lighting Directors, and DPs will discover the LCM156 to be a production tool that provides true reproduction of their artistic efforts by effortlessly adding a 3D LUT.

Broadcasters, OB Vans, and Staging Companies will find the LCM156 to exceed their expectations in a rack mount monitor that can significantly reduce their budget while enhancing the confidence of their production efforts.

◆Status Display
◆GPI - Tally
◆OSD - Tally
◆16 Channels of Audio Metering
◆178° x 178° Viewing Angle
◆1920 x 1080 Resolution
◆700:1 Contrast Ratio
◆Picture by Picture
◆True 10 Bit Color Depth

[Discount Codes Expire 03.18.16]

$150 off the LCM156 - Coupon: CHEESY-150

$200 off the LCM kits - Coupon: CHEESY-200-KIT

Read More Button OSEE LCM156 15.6" 10bit Monitor