3 FREE Kayo Maxtar MAXOAK 158Wh V-Mount Batteries

kayo maxtar v-mount batteries

Here's another generous sponsored Giveaway from Kayo Maxtar also branded as MAXOAK. This company specializes in various batteries including V-Mount Batteries. The 177Wh version has a Full 5 star rating with customers on Amazon (seen here).

The problem with the 177Wh size of course is that it is too large to take on airlines. It exceeds the 160Wh capacity. So Kayo Maxtar has allowed us to to give away (3) of their 158Wh V-Mount batteries. Still lots of capacity for extra long run time, but just under the max limit for Airlines.

So here's how it works. Last time we used a countdown method, but some people felt they may have had a slight time difference to have a fair chance. So this time (3) Unique Coupon Codes will be POSTED UP HERE on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST). Not all codes will be posted at once, it will be random throughout that hour, so you'll just have to check in.

Some notes: Now while anyone is free to participate, the coupon codes are specifically for Amazon.com (US) and need to be used during your checkout with this product only. One coupon = 1 item. Only 1 item per customer. Price should be $0.00 during the checkout (except shipping).

Now if you've managed to use a coupon code successfully, leave a comment back here. It would be great to know who was able to get one, and which codes were used. Good Luck! Remember to check back at this article on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST).

[3 Coupon Codes will be Posted Here Randomly between 7-8pm (California time) 03.25.16]
Coupon Code #1 MXBTM8TY
Coupon Code #2 SO77IWUM
Coupon Code #3 36LI243M

Our sponsor has surprised us with three new additional coupon codes. When new codes are created, they are in Pending Status for a few hours. So we will post 3 Additional codes tomorrow for the 158Wh V-Mount batteries tomorrow morning between 10-12pm.

Coupon Code #4 2SHZ-YW467J-VGKE2U
Coupon Code #5 2SLZ-PRMBL5-MR9QY4
Coupon Code #6 2SEB-KF92MB-Q6JN8L

kayo maxtar v-mount batteries 158Wh
Kayo Maxtar MAXOAK 158Wh V-Mount Battery with D-Tap USB Includes Charger


34 thoughts on “3 FREE Kayo Maxtar MAXOAK 158Wh V-Mount Batteries

  1. Joshua Chiara

    this was bullshit. i wasted three hours wacthing this stupid site. Maybe stick to the time frame that you laid out.

  2. krys

    @Carlos Cuervo
    which link are you talking about? I am trying all codes . they do not work fo r me

  3. Carlos Cuervo

    Ok, so now I'm reporting that the first code worked for me, make sure that you copy and paste the new link on this post, the former link doesn't work for this exclusive deal anymore.
    It was quite the wait but, thank you Mr. CheesyCam, generous as always!

  4. Brandon

    Yay!!! Finally I got to input the 1st promo code! Thank you so much! You have an awesome site and amazing offers! Thank you again

  5. Brandon

    I've been sitting looking at mi cpu for an hour and 40 min closing the browser and reopening the web page and refreshing and still haven't seen a coupon code. It's 40 min past the 7-8 PST.

  6. Mike Baeta

    I tried to participate in the promotion on Kayo Maxtar 158Wh V-Mount Batteries but though I had a confirmation on my email I couldnt login.

  7. Carlos Cuervo

    What ever happened to this exclusive deal? I refreshed the page for a solid hour but the codes were never posted. Did I missed something?

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