Canonholics Rejoice – Lens Mugs are Legit

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I've been posting about these for a long time. I went through hurdles to find out about getting these things over to the US, but found out that the Manufacturer can't get them over due to a contract with Canon. Yes, I had a friend in China who talked to the owner 'in person'. In fact I had 2 people talk to the owner 'in person'. Well they did show up on the black market of eBay and other websites.

I wanted to do something nice for Canonholics out there and took the plunge purchasing the Canon L Lens mug from They run a bit high, but if you gotta have it, you gotta have it. Most of the concern was not the high $45.00 dollar / item price, but was it legit? Purchasing these items come from oversears and it's always buyer beware. Even eBay sellers who are auctioning are just recently registered members with very little feedback. So for the sake of the Cheesycam readers who really wanted to order these things, I can attest that I've received my set of 2 mugs (kinda worried for a while).

If you're interested in grabbing one of your own, check out It's real....they are very real..and they walk amongst us. Well mostly at Starbucks at least. Later, i'm going to Starbucks to get my Canon L lens mugs filled!

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