Canon T2i + Nikon 85mm Project

A friend just recently started shooting DSLR video and the Canon T2i is his first. He's had some practice on my 5D Mark II when I first got it years ago, but switching to an all DSLR workflow takes some getting used to. Originally he was using the Canon HV20 camcorder. Since he did have access to some Nikon Film lenses from past Photography hobbies, a simple adapter from eBay allowed him to use a Nikon 85mm on this project. This project was submitted to - a very fun video contest website with cash prizes and a cool social network twist. No additional lighting was used, just the Canon T2i + Nikon 85mm. Here's the direct link to his video submission.

I think he did a great job with very minimal experience in DSLR, and very minimal equipment. There's plenty of funny stories behind the making of this short clip, which we plan to do a 'Directors Cut' interview for. I'll sit down with him soon and ask him a bunch of questions on what it was like to shoot on DSLR.

6 thoughts on “Canon T2i + Nikon 85mm Project

  1. Craig (UK)

    Very nice work, should be picked up as a national ad.

    Love the site by the way. I check it out daily.

  2. Adam

    can u suggest some Nikon EOS adapters? iv been wanting to do this since i was a nikon shooter that moved over to canon but iv heard some horror stories about the adapters breaking into the sensors and ruining the cameras. are there any safe ones you know about?

  3. Kenswift

    Great video. I did something similar to this for a superbowl Doritos commercial where we used the Doritos bag for the diaper. Nice work.

  4. Jeremy

    Nicely done - I thought it was well paced and made the point nicely - like the end when she brings him the paper towels.

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