Canon Prime Lenses with Image Stabilization

Typically most shooters enjoy working with Prime Lenses (fixed focal length lenses that don't zoom) due to their wide apertures and sharper image quality. Although there are literally dozens of choices for prime lenses, the list drops to a smaller number for prime lenses that offer the highly sought after 'Image Stabilization' feature.

So if you're a Canon user looking for a good image stabilized lens, here's a few recently released Canon EF prime lenses with IS. Besides just Canon cameras, keep in mind that Image Stabilization with these EF Prime lenses are also supported with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera EF Mount. These are also a native EF mount (not EF-S) so they are designed to cover both APS-C and full frame sensors like those found on the EOS 5D bodies.

Canon EF Prime Lenses with Image Stabilization

Canon 24mm Prime Image Stabilized
Canon 24mm F/2.8 USM IS
Canon 28mm Prime Lens Image Stabilizer IS
Canon 28mm F/2.8 USM IS
Canon 35mm Prime Image Stabilized
Canon 35mm USM IS

7 thoughts on “Canon Prime Lenses with Image Stabilization

  1. Nelson

    I wish Olympus is up to standard with their video codec, currently there is just too many limitations to use the Olympus setup, otherwise the 5 Axis IS is a killer innovation, it like a nano MOVI built inside the camera body.

    I can use just the camera and lens instead of rig and steadicam on my GH3 for super stealthy recording and get pretty stable footage. (only for less motion/less complex scene though)

    Though I am afraid Sony may beat Oly on the first camera body with good enough video with 5 Axis IS built in with FF NEX.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Joshua - It makes more sense when you think about cameras with a crop factor that multiplies the focal length. Some cameras can easily double (if not more) the focal distance of these lenses. Sony NEX shooters with an FS100 or FS700 with the right adapter can take advantage of these Canon Primes that would still offer image stabilization. The 35mm on a BMCC will be about 84mm, and Image Stabilization would be very helpful at that point.

  3. Joshua

    Dang. The higher-than-average apertures for these primes make them not worth it. I mean you they have image stabilization, but why buy a prime when the minimum aperture is f2.8? And an added note, why buy a IS lens if its 35mm or wider? Anything earlier than 50mm, and I don't typically need IS

  4. cd

    or you could spend a little more and get Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD

    it a fast zoom and has IS.

    Only the canon 35mm is f2 temps me for its lower light capability.

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