Canon G12 Just Barely Released

The new Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Wide Zoom-Nikkor ED Lens and 3-Inch LCD is available now, which is going head to head with Canon's new G12. There's an article I posted after the announcements here:

I can't find a whole lot of retailers selling the Canon Powershot G12 right now, but there's a few available on eBay here: Canon Powershot G12 10 Megapixel Dig Camera w/ HD Video. Both the Nikon P7000 and Canon G12 feature 720 HD video at 24fps, Image Stabilization, TTL Flash controls, and RAW photo capture. Yes they have hot shoes, and with the right triggers you can fire a flash remotely. Both cameras have manual control features close to shooting with a true DSLR, less the interchangeable lenses. I can't find much information on the Nikon P7000 about HDR, but the Canon G12 has built in HDR processing taking three different exposures and combining it into a single high dynamic range image. The Sony NEX also has this HDR feature which works pretty well too.

click for pricing - Canon Powershot G12
click for pricing - Nikon Coolpix P7000

In the previous article, the Nikon P7000 had a few better specs over the Canon, so it would be interesting to see what sales are like. Not a true representation, but Flickr has an interesting report on cameras that have uploaded images into their system. The funniest thing is that the most popular camera showing is the iPhone 3G. LOL.

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