Canon 5D Mark II in Iron Man 2


I'm at dinner, so I won't write much, but caught this cool article about how the Canon 5D Mark II was used in scenes or Iron Man 2. It just came out on DVD so time to hit the kiosk and watch it again!

4 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark II in Iron Man 2

  1. I dont know exactly what shots was done with the 5D but i did see it in the special features on the making of the IM2, a small remote helicoptor was involved as well as the racetrack, cant wait to re-watch the move tonight to look for the few shots and also read this article thanks a lot.

  2. I thought it was awesome how Gale Tattersall used the 5D's in the season Finale of House last year. You could totally tell too, in a good way. What I mean is that 5D footage (canon HDSLR footage in general) can have a unique look to it. Usually that sort of DOF is reserved as a special effect in most shows or movies, but there was a whole lot of it in that episode.

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