Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Adapter with IRIS and Image Stabilization

For those shooting on the Sony FS100, FS700, or NEX cameras who wish to control the iris of Canon EF lenses you would need something like the Metabones electronic adapter. In the last few weeks, a few other companies have developed a similar adapter that allows you to control the iris of a Canon EF lens directly from the Sony body, and states that it also supports Image Stabilization. One new adapter quotes the following:

" I hope this does not sound too silly: We developed this 100% on our own. We took a different route, and achieved the same result, if not better 🙂 "

That's a bold statement, and i'm hoping to shed more light to see how well this new Canon EF to Sony NEX smart adapter works. Especially since it's currently half the price of the Metabones adapters. If you guys have more information, leave a comment. You can find this new EF to NEX adapter via eBay (Click Here).

Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Aperture AdjustmentCanon EF to Sony NEX Iris Adapter
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11 thoughts on “Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Adapter with IRIS and Image Stabilization

  1. Brian202020


    This is good news for people in line for the passive m4/3 version of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

  2. Lee

    Just sent them a message via eBay about a M4/3 version and got this reply:

    Dear Lee,

    🙂 Thanks for the message...

    Yes, we have... but it's very time-consuming and risky trying to break the M4/3 body communictions circuit... so the adpater we will make, will have external power supply, and external aperture adjusting (not through the M4/3 body)...

    if you're interested, leave us your email, and we will keep you posted on the latest information..



  3. peederj

    Since we now know E mount accepts full frame sensors (VG900!), the next race is on for who can make one of these adapters that will take EF full frame lenses onto a VG900 and all the other full frame E-mount cameras Sony will ship next year.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay Windland - The Metabones 'electronic EF' adapter runs for $400+. Not just the basic adapter.

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