Canon DSLR Combination Rebates

Canon DSLR and Lens Combination Rebates

Just a reminder that if you or anyone you know is planning on grabbing a new Canon DSLR, there's some rebate incentives going on. This rebate isn't something to go out of your way, but if you're looking to dive in to a DSLR purchase for the first time, it might save you a few bucks. From the Canon Rebate information, the deal comes in if you grab a flash or lens combination with a new DSLR body purchase. Both items must appear on the same receipt, purchased in the same day to qualify. Canon has listed all their top DSLR bodies for this rebate, incuding the new Canon 60D. Most of the lenses to qualify for this rebate are quite expensive, but if someone asked me which combo deal might be worth it, i'd probably suggest grabbing a Canon T2i or 60D + the Canon EF-S 17-55 F/2.8 IS USM. There's a list of items that state Instant Rebates, so this doesn't look like a 'Mail in Rebate' deal. More information can be found on some special links displayed over at the B&H website: List of items that qualify for Canon Rebate deal

9 thoughts on “Canon DSLR Combination Rebates

  1. Duff

    I just got a 60D for $30 more than what the rebate brings it to. But there are some nice things on that list....

  2. John Duvar

    Rebates are always nice, but nothing really catches my eye this year. I'm waiting for something revo from Canon. Otherwise, I'll set for a T3i + Pixma 9000 rebate when it rolls around next year (and it will). I'll sell the printer and kit lens and keep the body at a steal.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    To keep things consistent set video mode to Manual. To keep things in focus while moving, don't use the maximum aperture. Depending on the lens, normally set it to at least F/6.3 instead of F/2.8. To keep things looking smooth while moving, the wider the lens the better.

  4. This is nice to see, as I hope to pick up a t2i or 60d as a second camera. Is there somewhere that I can see a camera operation overview? There are some things I would like to see how professionals do how you maintain focus while moving, how you keep aperture or exposure constant, etc. Just a little overview for people who came into this later than others. I have learned a lot here, but still have lots of questions. A lot of time, not knowing the right questions to ask is the biggest problem. Thanks for the tremendous resource, and please do an anamorphic lens overview sometime in the future!

  5. Kelly

    Good find Emm. I actually got Adorama (through Amazon) to reimburse me the $45.50 difference for the Canon 17-55mm lens I paid for 2 weeks ago before the instant rebate deal came into affect.

  6. Harlan

    Hey Emm,
    They are showing the 70-200 2.8 IS II for $200 off. I just purchased a 60D from Amazon which I am going to return and get it through B&H. Added it to the cart with the 70-200 and it netted it down to under $1900 for that lens. Is that an awesome deal or what?

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