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I recently posted a review on the aftermarket Battery + Grip for the 550D / T2i. Someone asked me how I would be doing my test comparing the battery life. Since I can't shoot continuous video until the battery dies, I thought doing a Timelapse test could possibly show if the photo count would be significantly more or less. For this test i'll be using the Intervalometer (timer remote) purchased for just $23.00 dollars + free shipping. One important thing to remember when buying an Intervalometer is the maximum number of pictures it can take. Some are limited, not sure why, but the one here had a 00 mode for unlimited shooting.

I won't be using the grip because that will take forever for the batteries to die. I'll just be comparing one battery against the other trying to figure out how many photos it can take before the camera batteries run out of juice. I'll let you know how the test goes when I can find a full day to run the timelapse (and something interesting to shoot too). You can purchase this Timer remote for as little as $23.00 + Free Shipping.

13 thoughts on “Canon Aftermarket Batteries – Test

  1. Emm

    Post author

    Never did a scientific minute vs. minute, but I don't notice any difference in run time. They still rock to this day, and it's been well abused.

  2. blake

    did you ever finish the oem vs after market battery test for the battery grip you use on the 550d?

    if so, what were the results? i cant find them anywhere.

    have you had any problems with the battery grip or batteries?

    any help you could give would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

  3. admin

    Post author

    That's always a concern. I'm not a hardcore timelapse person, but the ones I have done haven't caused any problems with any of my cameras. I'm guessing it would take a very long time to start having problems with the shutter. These cameras are built very well.

  4. Aaron

    Do you need to be concerned with "wearing out" the shutter or mirror from shooting long timelapses?

  5. admin

    Post author

    yes, in my article I state that if you set it to '00' frames, it will be unlimited.

  6. Martin Calvi

    So, can you take unlimited photos with this timer???
    Because in the "features" (feature #5) it says
    "FRAMES: Set total shooting times (1-99)"

  7. admin

    Post author

    The timer says you can set proper exposure even in bulb setting. I think by 1 second they mean minimum time between photos.

  8. one of my cheapo eBay Chinese batteries for my 550D keeps switching my camera On and Off! and sometimes the camera wont turn on! is really annoying. i bought a pair a few months ago and one works fine the other one is faulty. i guess they are not %100 reliable

  9. emess

    This is the first time I've seen this intervalometer mentioned anywhere, are you using it for the T2i? The ebay listings don't list it in their compatible models.

    Also, silly question maybe but the shaky english in the diagram you picture above says the exposure range only goes down to 1 second minimum. That's not right, is it?

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