Canon adds Microsoft Tags


Next time you see these barcodes, you can scan it with your mobile device to get instant access to information, websites, videos, and more with Microsoft Tags. Microsoft Tags are a new kind of colorful bar code that can be 'scanned' from your smartphone, giving you near instant access to web pages with detailed information about the product to help you make a purchase decision, including Ratings & Reviews from others who already own it. Once you install the free application, you simply launch the app on your smartphone, point your phone at the Tag, line it up in the crosshairs - and depending on your phone - either wait for it to scan the Tag or snap it yourself as if you were taking a picture.


All the information you'll need to get started can be found here:

One thought on “Canon adds Microsoft Tags

  1. Oh, no [groan] not another Microsoft format.

    QR codes have finally started to get traction, and now the Microsoft version seems to come out of nowhere and split the market? What's wrong with the good old fashioned QR codes?

    I also feel it's worth reminding ourselves that Microsoft is a software company that protects it's investments with closed file and protocol formats (much like Apple protects it's hardware business by preventing it's software from running on non-Apple hardware.) Owning a universal file format is like having a money printing machine. Maybe Apple or Google should now come out with their own competing QR code format and we can split the world into 3 incompatible slices, like we do with everything else.

    It seems 1 key difference between MS Tags and QR Codes: with QR Codes, all the info is in the tag. With MS Tags, the info is on a MS server and the tag simply refers to the server. For a proprietary tag technology - both options are proprietary - keeping the info on a server seems like a red flag: aside from being technically inferior design, Microsoft pulls control over user generated codes from the people who made them.

    I think I'm gonna stick with the traditional QRs. This code contains an address card which includes name, phone, email, web site, and more.
    No network connection required, ie. imagine it's on a shirt. All the info is in the code, so you can scan it into your Address Book without needing a network connection and third party involvement.

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