Canon 5D Mark III with Battery Grip

Current Daily Deal for a Canon 5D Mark III + Battery Grip + Sandisk 32GB SDHC Card. Brand new USA Warranty. The total kit comes in cheaper than just buying a Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only), and after price comparing it's about a $450 dollar savings. A decent find for those who were planning on picking up a Canon 5D Mark III this weekend. Check out the eBay Daily Deal (Click Here)

Canon 5D Mark III Grip Sandisk
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III + Battery Grip + Sandisk Card


3 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III with Battery Grip

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @AG - The grip is the real OEM which runs for over $300. Even without the grip, the price is cheaper than retail for the 5DM3 alone. It's a good deal if someone was ready to buy a 5DMIII.

  2. AG

    I take that back. Just below the title in small print it says it's the Official Canon Battery Grip!

  3. AG

    BOGUS DAILY DEAL -- There's no reason to believe this is a deal at all.

    The SDHC card typically sells for $45 and the Battery Grip is probably a $40 China Knockoff because Beach Camera is very slick in their ad - nowhere does it mention anything about the Battery Grip except in the Ad Title.

    If it were the official Canon Grip they would indicate that and they don't.

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