CAME-TV CAGES for BMPCC + GH4 + Canon DSLR with MatteBox Follow Focus Shoulder Rig Lens Supports

CAME-TV is probably best known for offering affordable gimbal systems, but they sell just about anything from LED Lights, to Video Rig accessories. A short while ago, I shared a video about a CAME-TV Cage for the Sony A7s, and to follow up i'm giving an overview of three other CAME-TV cages for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Panasonic GH4, and Canon DSLR.

Towards the end, there's a look at the CAMETV 15mm Rails, Shoulder Pad, Front Handles, Follow Focus, Lens Support, MatteBox, and V-Mount Power Adapter.

With the exception of the large Canon DSLR Cage, the other cages for the A7s, GH4, and BMPCC are custom 'form fitted'. This means there is very little size difference from the camera body itself making it easy to pack away.

Once you have your camera in these form-fitted cages, there's no reason you'll ever need to take them out. Removing the top handle and 15mm base adapter is a quick knob (no tools). You can add a QR plate directly to the cage without the base adapter if you want to run minimally.

Each cage also comes with an HDMI pinch, which is one of the most important tools to have if using an external HDMI monitor. It will prevent accidental disconnections and may even save your camera's HDMI port from possible damage.

Below are a few direct links to some of the products shown in the video (above). These are just a few bits of equipment that is offered, but besides the CAME-TV branded equipment, you'll also find other familiar top brand names such as Tilta, F&V, MOVCAM, LanParte, and more found at

came-tv bmpcc gh4 sony a7s cage came-tv bmpcc gh4 sony a7s cages
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Camera Cages Sony Panasonic Canon BMPCC

Panasonic GH4 RigSony A7s Rig
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Shoulder Rig Kits

came-tv matteboxmattebox dual filter tray swing out came-tv
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV 4X4 Dual Tray ABS MatteBox Top + Side Flags

15mm Rig Lens Support
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV 15mm Universal Lens Support Height Adjustable

came-tv follow focus kit
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Follow Focus FF-01 With A/B Hard Stops For 15mm Rod

V-mount battery Plate Adapter
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV VM02 V-Mount Battery Plate Include Connection Cable

7 thoughts on “CAME-TV CAGES for BMPCC + GH4 + Canon DSLR with MatteBox Follow Focus Shoulder Rig Lens Supports

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex J - No there is not much backlash on this FF, but there is a tiny tiny little screw on the side of the big Hand Knob that if is a little loose will feel like there is backlash. You need to just get a small hex key, put it through the hole and tighten it up. After a few weeks of using mine, I could feel it was a bit loose and then after inspecting noticed the hand knob was slipping. I found the screw, tightened it up, and it was all good from there.

  2. Hi Emm - I'm looking to purchase the follow focus and was just wondering if there is much backlash in the gearing system? Or any other issues with that particular component?

  3. Scot Goldberg

    Emm, I'm looking for a mattebox to handle lens filter and shade needs....particularly for ultra-wide angle lenses like the Rokinon 14mm Cine Lens (which doesn't take filters directly). It's funny, in the end with my GH2's crop factor, it ends up only being 28mm (not so ultra-wide)...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Scot Goldberg - To be honest i'm not much of a mattebox user as I don't work with large Cinema lenses and not often the large cameras. For the small mirrorless stuff I think it might add too much weight to a rig. It's a good looking product, but it has some weight to it. Not sure what you need exactly from a mattebox, or are you just looking for lens shade?

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