CagePro Powered GoPro Hero3 Cage Project Update – New Photos

New 3D renderings of the CagePro were added today showing that the final design will now accept threaded filters for use with CPL or ND. The top handle of the CagePro has also been modified with additional accessory mounting points.

CagePro Canon Battery LP-E6 Powered GoPro Hero3 Cage Top Handle Bump
Latest renderings CagePro GoPro Hero3 Canon LP-E6 Powered Cage

If you're not familiar with the CagePro, it's a new GoPro Hero3 Accessory Cage that houses a Canon LP-E6 battery used to power up your GoPro Hero3 for over 5 hours of continuous run time. It started out as merely a concept with working prototypes but was quickly 'Bumped' right into production on it's first day.

You get more information and can follow the product development over at

9 thoughts on “CagePro Powered GoPro Hero3 Cage Project Update – New Photos

  1. Jason

    we'll be purchasing a few immediately when available.


    1 - looks like they are supplying power through the usb in.

    2 - to do this AND have it be weather/waterproof will drive the cost up, so they should release the first design so they can try and hit their target of around $100

    3 - if $100 is too much for the cage as is, you probably don't need it.

  2. John

    Not sure if you have finalized the design, but would it be possible to use a picatinny rail (the same one being used by NATO, Zacuto, etc.)? That way the top hand would be adjustable and much quicker to mount?

  3. this might make me get a go pro hero 3...i hope the final product is not more expensive than the camera itself...because this really seems to be a game changing peripheral for those who rely on these great little cameras...might make them less destructible...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - Thanks, I think i've seen this video a million times. Perhaps this chicken brain was used to program the FreeFly MOVI gimbal.

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