Bump This! GoPro LP-E6 Battery Powered Cage

Have you ever 'Bumped' a Project? Well I guess there's a first time for everyone. It's a step towards answering the question 'How do you know when a good idea is really a good idea?" The concept is simple. A project/product is presented and if enough people think it's a good idea then it moves into actual manufacturing.

We'll get more into that later, but for now check out this CagePro - A GoPro Hero3 LP-E6 Battery Powered Cage.


The CagePro houses a GoPro Hero3 camera using the skeleton case and plans to use an LP-E6 battery (yes a Canon DSLR battery) inserted into the cage to power up the Hero3 over a USB cable hidden inside of the casing. More battery juice is great for extending the run time when shooting video, and when working with time lapse photo projects. The concept has been proven and working prototypes are already in use (seen here).

It's close to reality, but to drive this project over to manufacturing, it doesn't require funding, deposits, or any type of obligation. All it takes is a bit of social feedback from you in the form of a Like or Tweet, a 'Bump' if you will.

Bump Project Cage Pro

So what do you guys think about this product? Hit or miss? BTW, you can possibly win a CagePro simply by leaving a comment over at the project page.

If you'd like to see this for sale on the market, check it out at https://www.photographyandcinema.com/pages/cagepro.

15 thoughts on “Bump This! GoPro LP-E6 Battery Powered Cage

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Todd - That's only a prototype. The final design will not be all metal. The GoPro doesn't need additional protection with a cage so it will just end up being a lightweight frame with an internal battery. Won't know much until they get the final mold together.

  2. Todd


    My only concern is the wifi signal being blocked due to all that metal around it, have you tested this? Otherwise it looks awesome and I want one!

  3. I have built waterproof system for the H3 and the Tekkeon battery. The battery and a wireless SD A/V transmitter for realtime (no the delay of the app) for car/aircraft mounts. Its is a separate bag but it works great. #AquariumSilicone

    I can rig the H3 out and stable with just a cable running out of the OEM case to a bag of battery and transmitter. That is a great way to keep the mass down for long rigging arms.

    I'm currently building an HD version with a range of about 200ish feet. No latency.

    FYI: H3 [email protected]$18, [email protected]$59 [email protected]$25.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @austin - The info says it needs to sit in the skeleton case. Therefore it's only protected to the levels that the skeleton case offers (not waterproof). It's used for charging, cooling, enhanced audio, etc. You can see the description for the skeleton case (here).

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Nate - Just did a search to see it. Looks like you can't use Skeleton Case, or your Touch Screen LCD with that type of dummy battery setup.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @ryan - Anytime you have to use external power with the GoPro Hero3, you have to use the skeleton case. The GoPro skeleton case is not waterproof, which is required attach the USB cable (external power). I'm guessing if this goes well, there will be a follow up product that is completely waterproof.

  7. Tim

    I'm with Matt on this one.

    $20 Tekkeon all day

    ...and some tape to keep the cable from hanging around.

    All these GP accessories are building up to a T2i DSLR size rig. Sorta ridiculous really.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - I use Tekkeon for almost every accessory, but sometimes a battery pack and a cable hanging around isn't ideal especially if you're doing a car mount with this GoPro.

  9. Multop

    Fantastic idea Emm. I currently have jobs that want gopro timelapse and I always have to rig an external battery to run long enough.

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