Budget Slider has Arrived??

Just got notification that something from Korea has touched down at the UPS store....I don't remember ordering anything else..So could it be the slider? Stay tuned, i'm on my way...

[Update] Yup, let me unbox this thing..I should do a live stream..Hahah.
[Update][Update] Oh snap...I think when you guys get it, you're going to really like it... Let me set up my camera now..

5 thoughts on “Budget Slider has Arrived??

  1. beeber

    just opened mine and set it up. The slider itself is nice and heavy (as opposed to cheap and light) and comes in a nice zippered nylon case.

    it's got risers to come off the ground, and it's punched on the ends to allow for vertical sliding.

    And let me just say that the beefy fluid head that Emm turned us on to (weifeng) WF-717A goes perfect on top.



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