Budget Slider Back Online – Next Batch

Good News. Bad News. Good News. First Good news, the budget camera slider is back online found here: Konova video Camera DSLR Slider

Bad News (well not really bad), this is a Pre-Order listing for the next batch. According to the details, it won't ship until the end of the month. How many will be counted for in this next batch? Who knows, but the first listing was taken down in the same day of my last post. Other good news is that it's come back online for the most recent price we saw it at. Now I know several people missed out on the auction listing and are getting eager about this camera slider and going to buy direct from manufacturer. You could throw some money down, but those are still pre-orders with nothing in stock to ship out. If you want to make sure you're playing it safe on a purchase, eBay is the way to go - Paypal has got you covered. Hopefully a few of them will start coming in from previous shipments so we can get a review online, but here's the new listing if you're already convinced.

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28 thoughts on “Budget Slider Back Online – Next Batch

  1. ahmad

    ordered a K3 a while ago, it shipped faster than anticipated but the rods had dents and bumps. I actually hear a grinding sound while sliding a camera on the slider.

    The lazy idiot that I am, i never bothered sending it back all the way to the manufacturer.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @manuele - Those are all based on IGUS rails, same as the other Glidetracks, old Pocket Dollies, etc. They work great for a budget.

  3. Kenswift

    This looks far more versatile than the Glidetrack. I got the 120CM version for $365. Seems like a fair price to me. Emm, to fugenies point, they are saying the orders now are 4 bearing implying the previous ones were not. Whats the difference?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @David - Keywords are 'roller bearing'. Glidetrack (Based on Igus Drylin) doesn't have actual roller bearings. Here's my version httpss://cheesycam.com/diy-camera-slider/. Which is better? Only time will tell. I tested out Cinevate's roller bearing stuff and got hooked. I'm looking to start using roller bearing type sliders.

  5. emailed the ebay seller inquiring about how long shipping would take, got an interesting response saying that they " updated" the model I ordered to a "4 bearings one" ...curious

  6. David

    Maybe I'm not understanding correctly but why is this a good deal when you get a longer glidetrack for less? Their both rail and bearing systems right?

  7. Rob Nurgundy

    @jj & @Harlan - The current eBay listing says "*Please notice that Ballhead are NOT included,if you need add a ballhead,please contact us."

    Also they say "Recommended for : MANFROTTO 701 / 501 / 503 head"

    I pre-ordered a slider today.
    - 100cm version was US$40 extra.
    - Delivery to Australia was US$42.

  8. Harlan

    @JJ - I wondered the same thing. The seller sells the lightstand mounts for $28 bucks for 2. Lightstands you can buy on Ebay pretty cheap. Looks like the ballhead is the manfrotto.

  9. kyle

    Looking at the ebay seller's other items, a lot of them seem to be items manufactured by other companies being resold at a huge markup - like that cinecity proaim shoulder mount they're trying to sell for over 1k. I'm wondering if the same goes for this slider.

  10. jj

    Does the ball head shown in the example photos come with it? If not, where can I get a sturdy looking ballhead like that? For that matter, where can I get the light stand mounts?

  11. D~

    I still have yet to see a good "man powered" slider. Seems like the slide speed is herky-jerky and inconstant, especially on longer moves. Are there any motorized diy's out there besides the one linked a few weeks ago with the stepper motor?

  12. Greg

    This was the first slider I ever built. The rail and carriage are the lm76 Speed Demon SG. I sued the 35 series rail and carriage since at the time I had an HVX/Letus setup. I'm thinking that the probably used between the 15 and 25n. In retrospect I could have done that with my old camera setup since this stuff is so robust. I just ordered some of the 15n at 1500mm for $145, fun and easy build.

  13. I think I will wait to see the review and results of others.
    There is a lot of hype about this now, and they are selling out.

    Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be like those 'fancier' rigs that burst a lot of bubbles a few month back.

  14. Aberz

    Crossing my fingers 😀
    Ive tried some cheap solution for DIY sliders, they got the job done, but they dont have many feature so I can experiment some shots I want. So right after Emm posted this slider, I jumped the gun. My first factory made motion system.

  15. jason

    @Emm - Word. I ordered one of those Konava sliders today, great deal. My point is you can build you own slider relatively cheap with a guide (the most important component) that's equivalent in quality. Also, you can order those guides in a variety of lengths up to 10'. The Pacific Bearing linear guide is the exact same guide DP Slider uses. I have a 4' linear guide, similar in design, i bought directly from a machinist, no flex, and yeah, I had to build legs, a cheese plate, tap holes and brake but I only spent $200. Only problem with it is it's too long so I got me an 80cm Konova, great deal!

    Thanks for posting this stuff, invaluable! I check it daily.

  16. @defiant

    @jordan ~ it's $285 + $42 shipping = $327.

    for a 80cm / 2 ft 7.5 inch slider.

    That's a little to rich for my blood. I'm might do the diy route but then again

    I'm going to wait and see what the earlier buyer say in their reviews.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - The link you share is just the rail. You still need the carriage which adds up to about $240. You still need to add stands and fluid head mount. Also those rails flex very easily, so you need to add a foundation too. Not sure that DIY route would be a deal compared to this ready made one.

  18. Jordan Hamelin

    And the one at 70$ that you posted lot's of time before... how is it?? i was doin a DIY slider and I returned all the pieces to home depot, hoping that it would come back to 100$

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan - Yeah not dirt cheap, but hard to find actual roller bearing based sliders at this price. even Glidetrack is more expensive and they are based on the Igus dry rails. Im still waiting to get mine in to test out. ive used other ones and they arent as nice as as roller bearing sliders.

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