Brand New DJI OSMO Mobile Never Used Unopened Auction

I posted this on Instagram a short while ago. This is an extra DJI OSMO Mobile Gimbal for Smartphones that I happened to have, and I decided to Auction it off. The OSMO Mobile retails for $299, but i'm starting the auction at just $199. Brand new, never used, never opened. I know there are many readers from different countries, but for this item I'm only willing to ship in the USA (lower 48 - no Alaska or Hawaii). If you're interested, take a look at the eBay Auction Page below.

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You can also get more information about the new OSMO Mobile on DJI's website
dji osmo mobile gimbal smartphone

3 thoughts on “Brand New DJI OSMO Mobile Never Used Unopened Auction

  1. Charles Fowler

    If you own the the larger iphone 6s+ or 7. You may well have read many review threads about the "shuddering" video issue. I, along with many other early adopter's have had consistent issues.
    I owned a 6s+ and now a 7+ and I have had issues using both. DJI's partial recognition of this problem isn't good enough. If the DJI mobile's gimbal system isn't robust enough to fully support larger phones, then they should state that in their product description... period.
    Prior to the release of the Mobile, I have been so impressed with DJI's other products, which have been extremely well designed and thought out, both from a hardware and software stand point. The DJI Mobile's is very disappointing and will certainly make me very hesitant about pre-ordering any future, new DJI products in the the Mavic for example!

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