BodyPod Monopod Stabilizer for 550D Canon T2i – Light Cameras

Before this video will make any sense, you should know about my DIY BodyPod project found at

A BodyPod is not a tripod. It's basically a cut up monopod that supports the camera by use of a strap attached to the body.

These stick things are used to take a picture of yourself by mounting a point-and-shoot camera at the end of it. Well, this is what i’m running around with now for extra camera stability It's much more compact, lightweight, and much more discreet than a cut monopod. I can't speak on other versions of these little stick things, but the model i'm using has some real strength to it to be used as my new 'BodyPod'. This is the little monopod thing i'm using now, found on eBay.

Here are a bunch of other versions of this type of Monopod.

13 thoughts on “BodyPod Monopod Stabilizer for 550D Canon T2i – Light Cameras

  1. Zach


    So glad to have found this. I'm a beginner here, just bought a t4i and want to get started with video. It is extremely light, and I am happy to finally find an affordable and discreet stabilizer for basic shooting. Could anyone link to a recommended strap? Also, is there a quick release plate that would work great with this?


  2. Fran

    I don't know if i got the same one but mine had a small strap at the bottom and I removed that and added a key chain

  3. Sandro

    Fran did you buy the same as Jaye? I was worried about the same thing when I saw pictures.
    Where do you find straps?

  4. Fran

    I just got mine and it works great. I have an eye hook at the bottom so I just added a key chain and a belt-hook.

    How can I add a quick release to the top screw. I don't want to have to screw this on when I want to use it.

    Thanks and you site is awesome.

  5. I purchased this VidPro Monopod (the one listed in the first comment) and it doesn't come with a keychange hook.

    Anyone know how to attach a keychange hook on bottom. Only the string is attached to the handle and that's it.

    Vidpro MP-10 - Monopod

  6. Sandro

    I would like to try this one. Do you know where I can find a strap similar to the one used in the other video with the cut monopod? Have you tried this one in the same way?

  7. Gary

    I think I'll put that in my camera bag with a carabiner on the end. With it in my camera bag, it will always be with my camera. Hook the carabiner to a belt loop and off I go.

  8. tim

    Even simpler, I shoot wearing work pants that have a mid-thigh side pocket -- slip the end of the monopod in there, adjust height and angle of ballhead to put the camera where you want it, you get a very stable position -- great for shooting in crowds, concerts, clubs, etc.

    Even the front pocket of jeans will work if your monopod will go short enough.

  9. Dustin

    Yes it can take awhile to release it from a plate and switch to this. However, I see this as being more useful in situations where my tripod is not an option, or really inconvenient. In other words I intend to use this when it is all my camera will be on for awhile, like walking around a festival or something.

  10. Dave


    is this worth it? it does not have a quick release plate so is it a pain to screw the cam on and off. i have a t2i thanks

  11. Dustin

    Got mine in the mail yesterday... now I just have to find the right strap and where to get it!

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