BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera Sony BP-U60 BP-U30 Battery Adapter

The BlackMagic Cinema Camera can run a short time with it's internal battery, but it's really designed to use external power. I've shared a few options on this blog, but here's another option to power the BMCC off of a 14V battery adapter using Sony BP-U60 / BP-U30 batteries. If you already have these batteries from your Sony EX-1 camera, this is a great little add-on.

This battery adapter has a 1/4-20 threaded screw to attach to many rigs or cages, or can be mounted to the optional 15mm clamp. If you don't have batteries, you may want to look into the adapter plates that are bundles with a battery charger. You can find these products via eBay following the links (below).

Sony BMCC BP-U30 BP-U60 battery adapter wall charger BlackMagic CInema CameraBlackMagic Cinema Camera 14V Battery Sony BP-U60 adapter
find-price-button Sony BP-U60 BP-U30 Battery Plate 14V for BlackMagic Cinema Camera

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find-price-button Sony BP-U30 / BPU60 Batteries

18 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera Sony BP-U60 BP-U30 Battery Adapter

  1. I know it's a bit late, but I noticed there are a few questions about the life of this battery when used with the BMCC. I have a BMCC 2.5k and I just tested it.

    I get 3.5 hours on IDLE.

    I have not tested shooting time yet.

    Hope this helps anyone looks for this information.


  2. Sven

    @Emm -
    At the moment i am thinking about buying a Blackmagic Production Camera 4k but what still bothers me is how to manage a longer battery time. My budget is limited so I am looking for an alternative to an expensive external battery for this camera. This possibility to charge the camera with the Sony batteries sounds great. Do you know for sure that this way of charging does also work for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k? I know somebody already asked you that some time ago but maybe you've tried it in the meantime.

  3. Rich Murphy

    Hi Emm,

    Just to check that, you've been using this BP-U60 battery option with your BMPCC as well now and it worked ok? It didn't fry the camera with the voltage difference!?


  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rick - Sorry I don't have the time to run a battery for hours, but if you do the math you should be able to figure out an approximate time. Just compare it to the internal battery capacity.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul Hardt - The connector is not the same for the BMPCC, and it outputs 14V. The BMPCC needs a 12V input, so I think if you tried to hack this it could fry your camera.

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