Best Video Monopod Sirui vs Benro vs Manfrotto

When you have to shoot video and move fast, the last thing you're thinking about is a Tripod. If you have to move fast with some type of stability, maybe you're thinking more along the lines of a good Video Monopod. In this video i'm showing you why I personally think the latest version of Sirui Video Monopods are at the top of my list, and how it offers more than other Top Brands.

Sirui video monopod 129 sale[Update] The Sirui P-204S Aluminum Video Monopod Shown In Video is Just $129 + FREE SHIPPING (HERE)

[NOTE:] Because we have readers from around the world, we often provide various links to products. For USA buyers purchasing a SIRUI Product from an Authorized USA Retailer qualifies the product for a 6 YEAR WARRANTY. USA buyers purchasing overseas products will not qualify for the 6 Year USA Warranty.

The moment you pick up a Sirui Video Monopod you'll notice the build quality. Every moving part is precision made and the feature set is well thought out. The monopod can be detached from the feet for more compact travel, yet you can still use the Monopod without the feet, and you can use the Feet without the Monopod (as a small Tripod | Hi Hat).

A locking base prevents the Sirui Video Monopod from swiveling and panning, and a variable drag adjustment at the base allows fine tuning to the operator. Panning can be achieved from the fluid column, or you can lock down the panning feature. Check out the variety of Sirui Video Monopods.

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52 thoughts on “Best Video Monopod Sirui vs Benro vs Manfrotto

  1. @iRiz - The one with the flip lock levers have a totally different type of foot. I don't think it will be quite the same. Also check out the new Manfrotto: httpss://

  2. iRiz

    Dear Emm,
    Very nice review of the monopod. I have this Sirui P-204s, I really love it, we'll made and versatile piece of equipment for video. I have paired it with a 3pod q2 head which works well. My only problem with this is the twist lock, it has never failed on me or anything like the monopod folding on its own but my hands do get a little tired adjusting height with tightening and loosening the twist lock. The new model is out, Sirui EP-204S, can you also do a review on this one? This is new base foot and snap lock.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Neelen Patten - Are you using this for photography or for video? For video there are different heads that may not have a fast release system. For photography there are ball heads that have a very fast release system.

  4. Neelen Patten

    Hi there. I intend to use the Siriu monopod to photography fashion shows. I need to be able to release my camera fast from the monopod at any time during the shows. Could you please suggest a good head that will serve this purpose. Thanks in advance!

  5. Stephen

    Does anyone have any good suggestions yet for a decent, light-weight video head to pair with this monopod?

  6. dafreaking

    Just received my P-204S. Already seems like a better buy than the Benro A49T that it has replaced. Now to see how it pairs up with the S4. Thanks for the recco Emmm, really hope this lasts

  7. Herman

    Is there any issue with the feet getting loose?

    I have a problem on my Benro where one of the 3 is a little looser than the others. It falls away from being flush with the monopod pole when it is collapsed.
    Not a huge problem but more of an annoyance as this feet sticks out and sometimes causes it to get caught on something as I pull out the monopod for use.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - I have all the monopods (obviously), and I agree the feet don't get in the way. From what I can tell so far on the comment is that maybe it's just someone from Manfrotto commenting? This 'Account001' is a pretty generic name, and has never commented on this website before.

  9. OldCorpse

    @Account001 - fine, every opinion is valuable and I'm interested in your thoughts. But I don't understand something - you said "stick with the manfrotto" - why? What's the advantage of the manfrotto? I had no monopod, and I bought the Sirui... should I have bought the manfrotto instead? Why? You don't quite explain. FWIW, the feet on the Sirui don't get in my way - it's just not an issue... so the manfrotto would also not get in the way - so... what does that mean? I would "only" pay $50 more for the manfrotto - OK, fine, but why do I want the manfrotto instead? You don't explain. I understand you wanted to inject logic into the discussion, but unless we can understand what you mean, it's hard to see the logic... so far, what exactly is the logic of the manfrotto INSTEAD of the Sirui... that logic escapes me, I'm afraid - please help!

  10. Account001

    Id stick with the manfrotto, I doubt id ever use the mono pod without the base and $5 stand would do the job. The legs that come out seem like they would get in the way, and at the end of the day you would only save like $50 bucks from the manfrotto. Thanks for the review... just wanted to interject some logic and add to the discussion instead of saying "Emm your the greatest". I do appreciate the reviews. Keep them coming

  11. Robert

    Sold! And delivered! It showed up yesterday a full week ahead of the expected arrival date. It was SUPER well packaged. No lie, it took about 10 minutes to unwrap the thing.

    And, yep, the thing is solid. Can't wait to use it in the field.

    Thanks as always, Em. Hands down, yours is my favorite site for vide gear.

  12. OldCorpse

    FWIW, for my still photography purposes, I decided to go with this ballhead: Oben BA-111:

    It can handle 11 lb, which is good enough for me, and is quite light - 9.5 oz, which is important in that I want to keep things light on this monopod.

    For video, I just don't know. My Benro S6 is too big/heavy, and other lighter heads seem of poor quality - I don't want to spend a whole lot either, so I'll just have to keep an eye out and maybe I'll come across something suitable. If anyone has any recommendations, I'm all ears.

  13. Dan

    I got the fiber composite version P-224S. Very nice indeed. The leg sections gravity fall when loosened. Very quick and solid twist lockup. I tried an old Manfrotto 501 head on the monopod, but it's too big and heavy. Same with an ancient Bilora. Too heavy. What I want is a light compact head. I have several ball heads but they aren't as fast at tilting and are difficult to maintain horizon.

    The Benro S2 weighs only .8 pound and is only 3-1/2" tall. Seems it would hold a GH4 easily. I know Emm likes the S4, but I'm looking to keep it light and not top heavy.

    Anybody tried the Benro S2?

  14. OldCorpse

    Today I signed for the DHL package with my Sirui P-204S monopod - ordered it on 3/19 for $129.99 and it's here a week later 03/26 (I'm in LA CA). A few quick impressions.

    @min - I'll give you more measurements than you ever asked for 🙂 - it all depends a little on what you take off or leave on. So f.ex. you asked about the feet section length - it's 6 7/8" if you leave the rubber/spike foot/nub at the end, if you take it off, the length becomes 5 1/2" (so the nub screwed in is 1 1/8"). If you leave everything on, the total length of the monopod is actually 27 3/4", not 27" as the specs say. If you take off the feet, and also the nub at the bottom and the plate + strap at the top, the smallest you can make the main monopod section is 20 3/4".

    @Claire McHardy - obviously I have not used this monopod for any length of time, so my only option was to carefully examine it and use my basic knowledge of engineering. My conclusion is that overall it's very high quality workmanship. I can see that perhaps the rubber pads on the feet might detach, but that would require quite a bit of abuse and/or a defect if they didn't tighten the screws at the factory - but as it is on mine, I have zero concern about them falling off. Regarding the top plate - it would be highly unlikely to fall off... there just aren't any points of failure, unless somehow the female screw receptacle inside the monopod got stripped... very, very unlikely under ordinary use scenarios.

    Again, it looks like a lot of thought went into this. Example: inside the bag there is a small side pocket with a zipper (presumably to hold the small pieces of hardware) - already a big plus - and over the zipper they sewed in a small leather flap to protect the monopod from being scratched by the zipper! The bag comes with a detachable, very nicely padded shoulder strap, and it can fit the monopod with feet and even a small fluid/ball head attached.

    Another example: the strap at the top of the monopod is attached via a ring that gets clamped in by the top plate, so it is fully removable, and at the same time there is no hardware like carabiner clips and the like to rattle against the monopod.

    The long feet are very sturdy and easily open/close with a convenient button release. The whole monopod feels very sturdy.

    As someone mentioned above, it would have been better if they had fliplocks. Sure, the twist locks work - and are very clearly illustrated showing in which direction they lock and unlock, but it's just not as fast and as good as fliplocks. So that's for the next version, I'd guess. A small negative.

    Just a note: on my monopod there was some grease on the column and around the screws on the feet, so I had to be careful not to get this all over everything.

    Overall - a definite winner. It's not the very tallest at 63", but you can gain a bit with a ball-head or fluid head.

    Which brings me to my next quest. I have a Benro S6 head, but that thing is BIG and HEAVY, so I don't think I'll use it, certainly not for still photo work. Therefore I thought of looking into some not very heavy, but yet functional ballhead - I'm open to suggestions. For video work, I really don't know... the S6 is just too big... but is there any fluid head for a DSLR the size of GH3/4 with a speedbooster and the Sigma 18-35 that would be a good quality fluid head for video on this monopod, but wouldn't break the bank?

    Thank you again, Emm for bringing this to our attention - this one is a winner!

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Claire McHardy - Umm I would have to disagree that it's identical except for the name. I've seen both, and they don't appear to be exact especially the monopod system itself. The feet may look similar but probably still not the same. Even on the acebil website they look pretty different.

  16. OldCorpse

    @Clair - that's too bad. Quality is important. I ordered the Sirui and I'll report back after I receive it.

    Chinese companies frequently buy from an OEM and then just put their brand on it, which then of course is exactly the same gear. But they also sometimes just copy one another (or Western gear), and that can be hit or miss - it'll look identical, but it may perform worse or be less durable (but sometimes not - they can be even better!). Bottom line, just because it looks identical doesn't mean it is identical, though it can be.

    Out of curiosity, which model of Acebil was your monopod? Here by the way is the Acebil website with the current monopods, fwiw:

  17. Sadly I have a Acebil monopod which is identical except for the name. One of the rubber cushions on the foot has popped off, the foot has bent, and the top plate for attaching a tripod head has popped off also and cannot be fitted to the pole again.

    This means that i have pretty much got an extendable useless pole left.

    My manfroto on the other hand is still live and kicking and I used it just the other day. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to these things. When the going gets tough on your gear, sometimes the more budget options don't hold up quite as well.

    I will now try to repair my Acebill monopod again, because when it was working it was great.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick - I don't know what they are suggesting, but any video head would work. Also it won't be rock steady if you're pulling focus during an interview. It's no replacement for an actual tripod. This is really meant for run-gun type situations where you need to be flexible and not standing in one place all day.

  19. Nick

    I just got off the phone with B & H and they would only recommend a $200 flat-base head for the mono-pod which means the cheapest kit would end up costing close to $370 which is pretty expensive. They also didn't think it would be steady enough to shoot interviews etc. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

  20. dafreaking

    Thanks for the review Emm. Do you happen to know if one can get just the low base/feet somewhere? Thanks

  21. Robert

    As I see on BH and in other places, you can buy a Benro monopod with a three legged base, without a head, with $76 or $89.

  22. JSS

    Great review as always Emm. I actually have a BENRO with S4 head and I love everything about it but the build quality of the feet. Love the versatility of the Sirui and I would have bought it if I had know about it and if it had the flip locks on it. Speaking of which I know it really comes down to personal preference but which kind of locking system do you (or anyone else that wants to chime in) prefer and why.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Robert - Not sure what you're looking at but it's about the same price of $150-$160. The Benro will come with a head though.

  24. Robert

    Is Sirui P-204s so much better than a Benro to justify the price difference? It's almost double the price of Benro.

  25. OldCorpse

    I found it fascinating to see a comparison of monopods from B&H that features the Sirui P-204S a couple of Benros and Manfrotto:


    What can I say - Emm, you blew them away. In fact, even though the review is almost 10 minutes long, the presenter did a really poor job of it, where f.ex. she didn't even mention the hi-hat option, though she spent quite a bit of time on the irrelevant fluid head which you have to buy separately and really doesn't belong in the P-204S review; she didn't like how long it takes to set up and operate the P-204S compared to other faster monopods.

    It's really amazing - the same monopods, and such radically differing perspectives. If you have the time, Emm, you should take a look - it's quite thought-provoking!

  26. Rush

    What about the weight of legs? How gramms you'll save if you'll grab only monopod and leave legs home?
    Half of the total weight?

  27. SameGame

    Yea, it's unfortunate when someone reviews a product and sales pick up, sellers feel inclined to raise their prices to maximize profit on the stock they have. I hope people here aren't buying this at $149 when it was just 129 yesterday. The less that bite that this price the quicker it will return to it's former price or lower.

  28. About the price spike. They're not slick, they're just merchants looking to make a profit. Supply and demand. So, I'd say if you guys are not in a hurry, lay off for a while until the prices deflate.

  29. Oh, and one more note. I do mostly events, weddings, etc, and I can see where this might come in handy to grab a quick stable shot. However, I'm wondering whether the height of this thing might be a bit limiting. Say you want to cover an event with a lot of people standing in front of you, or even a wedding with people dancing in front of you, wouldn't you want one that extends higher, so you can get over the crowd, like maybe their P-424s version?

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - The S4 would be more of a perfect fit, the S6 would look huge on it. In the video I put an S4 head on the small hi-hat.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Rush - It locks it down pretty good, but it's not a hard lock like at the base. With enough force it will shift.

  32. A little side note on the pricing. As far as Chinese Ebay sellers are concerned, specifically for the model Emm tested, it's already showing the "Cheesycam price spike"!!! The lowest price you can find it is at about $149 now, whereas yesterday you could find it at around $129, with a couple of sellers probably willing to accept a few dollars less with a "Best Offer" option. So, unless you need it right away, I'd wait a few days/weeks for the prices to deflate a bit.

  33. OldCorpse

    I was planning on using my Benro S6 head on this... Emm, do you think this monopod can handle the S6, or is it too large? Also, I'm glad I bought immediately after you posted this, because it looks like the cheesycam effect struck and the $129 price is gone... it's $149 now (for the alum. version).

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @Rush - Everything locks straight, but you could unlock the base and then add full drag on the swivel.

  35. I've been using this monopod (Sirui P-424S Carbon Fiber)version for sometime now and it's the best monopod money can buy today. Manfrotto does not have the features Sirui has to offer, not to mention it's stability.

  36. Hi everyone,

    Quick important note: I swung by B&H earlier today to play with my impulse buy, I was a bit shocked when I noticed there was a lot of stiffness with the sections. After speaking with a representative and asking about the problem, it turns out people tend to turn the locks the wrong way and end up moving the sections out of alignment, which really screws up the monopod.Luckily it's an easy fix. Pull the sections apart and make sure you reinsert them the right way (you'll see the ridges and feel it drop smoothly ). Hope this tip helps. Other than that, it's an awesome sturdy monopod. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  37. What's the length of the feet section? I want to know much smaller they become when you remove that section. Hoping it fits in a pelican 1510 carry on case.

  38. This might be the first monopod that I'm tempted to buy, because of the large legs, and all the features. Very smartly designed. What do you think a good head for it would be?

  39. T2

    Emm - this monopod is a very intriguing piece of gear.

    What are your impressions of the Steadicam Solo Monopod Stabilizer?

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - I don't mind the blue accents, but lately i've been experimenting with self leveling paints to paint over some other pieces of equipment. I'll share details soon.

  41. OldCorpse

    Oh my god, Emm, you are evil - I've spent so much money on the stuff you show, my wife is close to divorcing me. Dayum, this one is a must have. I've stayed away from monopods due to the flimsiness of the feet, but this with the hi-hat option is just too much to resist. I have the induro hi-hat, but this one is cool too insofar as it being all-in-one, so that's just less stuff to drag along. You can throw that onto your backpack and have a really functional piece of gear. I'm buying this - thank you Emm (from me, not from my wallet!). Not crazy about the blue accents though, pity they don't make one that's all black.

  42. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Not at the moment, but I'm under the impression they will make one at some point. I believe they have new fliplocks on recent tripods and so i'm hoping that is translated over to the monopods.

  43. Rob

    That does look a lot nicer in most ways. The detachable base as a hi-hat is a really great feature. Does it come in a fliplock version? I prefer fliplock over twist but would live with it if I had to since it's only a single leg.

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