Benton Rockin the 500 LED Outdoors

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Benton from commented on this article I posted, stating that he is currently using these very same 500 LED light panels outdoors for 10 new Head & Shoulder commercial shoots. I was really interested in his setup, so he sent in a link to the image above. If you took a peek at Benton's website you'll see some real credibility that this guy really knows his lighting. Wow, that's a really cool lightweight setup there for a location shoot both in lighting and audio. If you look closely, the 500 LED panel is mounted to the same Tripod as the camera, and then some clever arm is holding the shotgun microphone. You can see how far the 500 LED panel is from where the subject would stand proving to still be effective at that range, and there's an added reflector for some additional fill. The 500 LED panel looks like it's powered by a Paul Buff Vagabond power pack. Very cool setup, and glad someone can help 'shed some light' (no pun intended) on how 'cool' (as in temperature and as in trend like) these LED light panels are for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks Benton can't wait to see more BTS and the final video when it's released.

Might be of interest, not sure if it's any good.

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  1. Chris

    An old post here but can anyone tell me how I can get a set up like that to add a light and a boom pole to my tripod?

    It looks like some large articulating arms but not sure how they are attached to the tripod and not sure how that boom pole is secured to it.

    Any ideas?

  2. ALERT!! If you are going to put together your own inverter and battery system, make sure you use a TRUE SINE WAVE INVERTER with the LED lights. I tried out a modified sine wave unit because it was very cheap and it produced a 1/3 of a stop less light output than using a pure sine wave unit. The LED light works with a modified sine wave unit, but you will not be getting the performance you paid for!! The lowest price ($80) for a true sine wave inverter I've found is: Wagan EL2201 Elite 400 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    I can't vouch for this unit, only that it's the cheapest, but it does come with a two year warranty, where most units only come with a one year.

  3. Juan

    Hay! I just got a respond from Melody rom Alien Bees and she said if the 500 LED light has 30w of power should be last around 7 hours aprox.

    I'm seeing two models of 500 LEd ligh, one of them has 30watts

    and the other model 50watts

    Someone has to be wrong, but anyway for 50w we should have around 4 hours or running two for 2 hours. Sweeeet!


  4. I was looking into getting these led lights but wanted to know if I can power these with a portable power source.

    How long do you think it will last before draining the power from the vagabond?

    Are there any other/better portable power source options besides the vagabond available at a good price ?

    The best priced alternative I saw was the cool lights, but they will run you about $600 when you factor in adding the battery plate addon.

  5. Sir.Lloyd

    First off all I have to say is kick as website.

    Question about this setup. How long do think the Vagabond can keep the 500 LED powered

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