Benro A48TBS4 Video Monopod with S4 Head – Giveaway

Ok, now that the BMPCC is out of the way, it's time to move on to our regular scheduled programming. To start out this week, Benro is sponsoring this brand new Benro A48TBS4 Classic Aluminum Monopod with S4 Video Head Giveaway.

Product Overview:
The Benro 438T Classic Aluminum Monopod with S4 Head combine to offer photographers and videographers near-tripod stability with the benefits of flexibility and superior mobility. This machined aluminum support reaches a height of 73.2" and closes down to 27.6". Twist lock legs make operation secure and easy in any weather as does the foam grip and wrist strap. The system's most striking feature is the folding 3 feet at the bottom of the first section; they're indispensible in slippery conditions or with longer lenses. The base of the feet allows tilting for accurate leveling.
The Benro S4 Head features a large interchangeable pan bar handle that makes smooth 360° panning easy and allows a tilting range of + 90 / -75 degrees. Locking drag control allows you to match the head's tension to the weight of your camera. The head comes with a sliding quick release plate with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws as well as a video pin. The integrated bubble level aids in setting up level horizons.
That's right, one of you lucky readers can register to win this popular video monopod. For more information about this product giveaway, register at the webpage.

Benro Video Monopod Giveaway
Benro A48TBS4 Classic Aluminum Monopod with S4 Video Head Giveaway

5 thoughts on “Benro A48TBS4 Video Monopod with S4 Head – Giveaway

  1. Grant

    Oh really? Manfrotto doesn't let you remove the head? Thats really weird because I have a manfrotto version, and I remove the head every shoot in exchange to put it on a slider 😛 And don't worry, give it a year, and itll snap in half or something-all the cheaper stuff does.

    And remind me that if you come out with something cool, that you won't mind me stealing ya design and selling it for cheaper 😉

  2. Grant... It's more affordable and it works. I have two Benro monopods (S4 and S2). I have found more practical uses for the S4 over the comparable Manfrotto version. Manfrotto doesn't even let you remove the video head. Sorry bro.

  3. Alex


    I have to agree with you on this. I live in Singapore and travel to China a lot (been there about 100 times). Chinese are smart and they are ruining their reputation by just being sweatshops for the West and just copying other's designs. I go to video trade shows often here in Asia and you see one China booth after another selling knock offs of Western items. I saw one recently that was an exact copy of the Kessler slider.

    HOWEVER, its refreshing to see a company like DJI come out of China. If you don't know them, they are at the head of the pack in making quad copters. They make nice high end ones, but they have come out with the Phantom, which has essentially taken over the sub-$1000 range and has allowed people to start shooting very nice footage with GoPros. They are a Chinese company with the tech, design, and manufacturing coming out of China. And they are beating everyone else at their own game.

    What they need to improve in now is customer service. They've come out with a gimbal that has had all sorts of tech problems in the past two months and are not handling the fallout well at all. But, its great to see cutting edge tech and design and ideas come out of China now. Not just knock offs.

    Having said all of that, its interesting to watch the US (I'm American but have lived in Asia for 25 years or so) go through this quandary - we all want Walmart prices but then balk when we find out that most of their products are made in China. We can't have both - China prices and US made.

    But I think encouraging innovation from Chinese companies - and companies worldwide - is a good step forward.


  4. Grant

    These companies are so much cheaper because they just stole the design. They didn't have to spend a lot in design, stability, etc like manfrotto did, and they didn't even have to come up with the product or the idea.

    On top of this, these knock offs are cheap in material, and you actually save money by going with a reputable company.

    These chinese companies need to actually make their own stuff, and not just rip off and piggie back on other's hard work.

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