Aputure V-Converter – Pro Overlays with any HDMI Monitor

Here's a bit of early information on a new product soon to be released by Aputure. Typically if you want professional overlays in a monitor, you'll have to pay good money for it. This new Aputure V-Converter HDMI Extra Scope will take an HDMI signal input and output to another HDMI display with additional features such as Peak Focus Assist / False Color / Zebras / 70 or 100 IRE Zebra Markings / and Brightness Histograms.

Aputure HDMI V-Converter (2 of 10) Aputure HDMI V-Converter (3 of 10)

Product Description:
Turn basic monitor into professional monitoring
Create your own exciting professional monitoring with V-Converter, and turn low cost basic monitor into one with advanced functions such as PEAK, Zebra marking, False color, Histogram, audio meter, etc. You can also easily add new software updates for new functions via USB in the future.

Big screen HDMI monitoring
When you are working with HDMI video input, you can use V-Converter to convert the incredible functions into big screen televisions or video projectors. Enjoy pleasure of big professional monitoring with unbelievable ease, and check every fine detail precisely.

Amazing editing solution
V-Converter has standard tech monitoring software inside which accurately check brightness, focus, and audio while editing. Imagine the flexibility of being able to reduce much space of editing computer and escape from different projects.

Precision audio metering
You can check 3 colored audio dynamic range with two bright audio level meters on the monitor. Audio bar shows levels in green, yellow and red. View audio scope quickly and directly. Prompt & Precise focus assist V-Converter features PEAK and Highlight focus assist functions. Double functions are perfect to ensure an advantage with correct exposure in the field.

Intensity extreme exposure quality
Gives you 3 functions to gain unmatched exposure quality including False color, Zebra marking and Histogram. Check exposure in ease even with small LCD screen or in bright sunlight.

Amazing HDMI view monitoring
V-Converter is compatible with wide range of HDMI signal input, supports up to 1080p 60FPS signal and converts signal to 720p output. Take V-Converter wherever you need to work, it will let you truly enjoy super monitoring resolution.

Aputure V-Converter

The new Aputure V-Converter can take any cheap display, or maybe your 60" HDMI television from home and turn it into a monitoring solution in the studio. Sounds like a fun product that can add big value to outdated or even cheap displays. The V-Converter specs state it will be manufactured by aircraft grade aluminum with a built in Lithium-iOn rechargeable battery. Stay tuned for more updates on this product.

10 thoughts on “Aputure V-Converter – Pro Overlays with any HDMI Monitor

  1. Lin

    it is a way to work with so many kind of monitors.
    it is fantastic.only $369 on ebay,any reviews of this converter?

  2. Eport

    The real question is how come samsung hasn't released a 11" 1440p tablet with HDMI in??? These devices would sell really well once tablet makers kill the field monitor industry.

  3. Simon

    I need 1080 in my situation and would like a way to have multiple monitors for much less than my Panasonic ones (with waveform and VU features)

    I pre-ordered one of these to play with in any case.

  4. getem


    Many monitors from several companies output in less than HD and the more professional ones such as TV Logic, Alphatron, etc. do just that (720p)

    720p is good, especially when only shooting 1080p, Now if you are shooting 4k and above then I would suggest a professional monitor that can display close to that resolution.

  5. Simon

    For $400 I think it's pretty good. Using it's 1/4" mounting thread it could attach to the back of a decent sized client monitor. Only 720P out though...


  6. I agree that mounting and size will be an important factor for this. But really all it will mean is does this device live in the studio? or does it come with me on location. If it is small enough i would love to have this on location with me. I often bring a 27" LCD monitor with me that has HDMI in but no scopes, no overlays at all. This could be a great addition to that package.

  7. cschmeer

    Aputure should add aspect ratio overlays for different crops. Also, the product's case should have mounting points...

  8. Can't really tell the dimensions of the device, but if Aputure could make it small enough to easily fit behind a 7" monitor and give the option for a black finish, I'd really really be sold.

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