Apple iPad Prices on eBay?

The email just came out this morning for pre-orders on the Apple iPad. I got my order in from the online store confirming arrival on April 3rd to the office. Great, I just bought the 64GB version for only $699.00, so what's up with these dumb eBay auctions? C'mon people, do you not know that you can just go directly to the website and place your order today? You can even make a reservation to pick it up in the store on April 3rd (so long as you get there before 3pm).

What's up with this eBay Auction??

One thought on “Apple iPad Prices on eBay?

  1. abe

    I dont think you take in to account the people over here in europe who wants to get a hold of one 🙂
    We wont get it for a while and there are alot of early adopters who wants to spend a little extra just to be the first to get one.

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