Another Hollywood Lite VS1 Stabilizer Back Online

Above is the only example I know of showcasing a Hollywood Lite Camera Stabilizer. When I first mentioned the stabilizer on this blog, the auction sold lighting fast from this article: This is a discontinued type of stabilizer that is designed to support cameras up to 4 lbs. I can't imagine it was very useful in the old days of heavy cameras, but with all the new lightweight Canon T2i's, Sony Alphas, and Panasonic GH2's coming around, it's seems to be relevant once again. Now i'm not saying it will fly a 7D, but for those GoPro Video makers, or iPhone Video junkies this might be an inexpensive solution. Cody left a comment and wanted to share that another thought to be extinct Hollywood Lite stabilizer shows up online again. On auction now and up for another day.

find-price-button Hollywood Lite VS1 Video Camera Stabilizer

One thought on “Another Hollywood Lite VS1 Stabilizer Back Online

  1. Mike

    Just thought I'd comment that I found your post a few minutes ago, clicked on the eBay link, and found the auction with one minute remaining. I ended up winning after logging in and bidding with only seconds to spare. Thanks for the last-minute heads-up!

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