Another Body Armor Case

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This one looks a bit more beefier than the last Silicone Skin case I blogged about earlier. This one uses the term 'Armor'. Even though the higher end bodies are a bit more weather sealed, If you plan on going rough with your gear (paintballing?), you might want to give these guys a go. Especially for those of you who plan on taking the lighter weight 550D / T2i camera bodies out in the field. Available for different camera bodies, yes even Nikon, Check out some of the different available Camera Armor cases here.

6 thoughts on “Another Body Armor Case

  1. This camera looks more like a machine now, which is cool. 🙂
    I'm looking for a silicone housing for my recently purchased Canon 550D, so I'll look into these.

  2. iLLStillZ

    I couldn't find anything for the 550D/T2i!?!?!
    I have read they will be launching one though. They look good though and definitely look like they can handle a beating.

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