Amazon Trade-In (Beta)

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visit-button Amazon Trade-In Program (Beta) has opened up a beta program for Trade-In's. There's anything from books, to DVDs, to electronics. Just for kicks I threw in one of my cameras in the search, and the 'up to' trade in value looks pretty good for such an old camera. Hopefully this program makes it out of Beta stage and becomes a permanent part of the business, since I tend to shop a lot on Amazon and am always looking for a way to unload some unused gear. It's pretty fun and interesting to see what your old gear could be worth, and you can Check it out here: Amazon Trade-In Values

One thought on “Amazon Trade-In (Beta)

  1. Kinda odd.. I threw an old casio ex z1050 on there, black one was ~$115 trade in

    My silver, however, only fetches ~$45..

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