Amazing Stop Motion with Pico Dolly

Vimeo member Karen Abad put together this amazing little stop motion story using the Pico Flex Table dolly to move the camera. It's possible to attempt this project with something as small as the new iPhone 4s with the Shark Clip attached too. Awesome work on this project, and another very creative use for the little Pico Flex dolly. [Thanks Karen]

Another fine example (above) is the little dolly being used for Industry Tape, the makers of excellent quality Zero residue tape. Great stuff to use with your camera gear. Vimeo member Gustavo Oliva shares some of the BTS footage. [Thanks Gustavo]

find-price-button Pico Flex Table Dolly

6 thoughts on “Amazing Stop Motion with Pico Dolly

  1. Carter

    Got my pico dolly this week and love it! I really like the sturdy nature of the arm that came with it... Much more so than the overpriced one I recently bought from my local camera store.

    Any help on where I can buy some more of those?

    Thanks for the great site! An invaluable resource!

  2. MN

    Always like to see creative uses for simple production tools.

    Although I ultimately kind of like the imperfect nature of the exposure shift that's going on in the piece, seems like that should have been avoided. It's pretty easy to do "manual" on the x100.

    Otherwise, cute bit of work!

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