Additional LP-E6 Power with Tekkeon Battery Packs

If you follow this blog, you've probably heard of those Tekkeon battery packs that are used to power our 600 & 900 LED video lights. Here's another helpful Tekkeon tip from Rod Guajardo who uses the Tekkeon Battery Packs as external power for the Canon 5D for super long run times [Thanks Rod]. This solution would work with any camera that uses LP-E6 such as the 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, and 60D. In order to send the power to the camera, he's using the Canon LP-E6 DC adapter found below.

find-price-button Canon DR-E6 DC Coupler Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 7D, 60D

He combines the LP-E6 dummy battery with his Tekkeon MP3450 for longer run times, but another good tip he didn't mention was that there is also an Extended Battery (seen here) that can be combined to double the capacity of that Tekkeon solution. There is an example of what that extra capacity battery looks like in one of my older videos (here).

You can find Tekkeon Battery solutions via B&H following the link (Click Here).

find-price-button Tekkeon Battery Packs + Tekkeon Extended Bundle

11 thoughts on “Additional LP-E6 Power with Tekkeon Battery Packs

  1. Hey, same prolem here with a 70D, as QT above.
    Sometimes it powers up, ask to accept the battery and it works for a while.

    If battery shows three out of four charge leds in a lamp with a tester, the DSLR won;t even ask to accept, simply not power up.

    Any solution?

    Could be the long cable used of about 80cm drain amperage too much?


  2. I use the same set up, but while it works just fine with my 5Dmk2, it is very finicky with the 5Dmk3. Most of the time, the "empty battery" symbol flashes and the camera does not power at all. Some time, it does power, but then looses power connection for no reason. This is with a fully charged battery. Did you have any problems with your 5Dmk3 ?

  3. Mike C


    A power distro box would do it...Set the Tekkeon to 14v, feed that output into the input of a power distribution box. Some dummy batteries have built in step down, and will take something like a 5-14v load...Others do not, so you'd need to make sure one output of the distro box is set for the proper load of your camera. The other output can be set to whatever load your SmallHD requires.

    The boxes are fairly simple and quite cheap to operate. Step down voltage converter is the keyword, and you can find them on eBay for as low as a few dollars shipped. The other items are also findable on eBay, or from RadioShack.

  4. So my question is. how do I use a Tekkeon to power both my 60D and smallHD from the same battery?

    Any help with this would be awesome.

  5. Wesley

    I would like to purchase some ledpanels but looking for a portable solution to power them and Tekkion would be the perfect solution.

    Does anybody know an Tekkion alternative for the European market ?
    I've got a quote from the European Tekkion supplier and they wanted to charge me almost $230,- excl. shipping, so that's crazy.

  6. Hey Emm. Nope, no barrel plug. That's the rub for T2i users. We would have to hack the cable and attach a barrel plug and I'm not to comfortable with that. Can't afford to brick my camera, ya know?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Ed - If it has a barrel plug for DC, you can use a coupler. I showed this a while back here: httpss://

  8. Hey Rod, thanks.

    I've got one. Unfortunately; it doesn't have a tip that would plug into a Tekkeon, or any battery. It's hard-wired into the brick. That's the problem. Your only choice is to plug into a DC plug.

  9. Great, now how can you power the Canon T2I like this? It has a different type of adapter.

    I guess one alternative is a portable power source, with DC plugs. Do you have a favorite battery in this category?

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