700RC2 Mini Fluid Head + 190XDB Tripod

Client-Kata bags

Producing/filming/editing-Johnnie Behiri

Shot with the Nikon D90 (all but the Antarctica and wild life)
No CC, only a bit contrast corrections.
Lenses used: Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Nikkor 16-85mm, and Tamron 70-300.
Tripod: Manfroto 756XB and 700RC2 head
Voice-over recorded with Edirol F1-field recorder (hard disk video/audio recorder for dv/hdv/sound only purposes).
Editing on Adobe Premiere CS2 with Cineform Prospect 4k plug in.

The 717AH is a great fluid head, but what other options are there for inexpensive Micro video fluid heads? Well the Manfrotto 700RC2 Mini Fluid video head drops down a few bucks with B&H surprisingly coming in cheaper than anything over at eBay and slightly under Amazon. Keep in mind it's rated to support only 5.5lbs, something that might be good for the growing Panasonic GH2 audience. Don't expect this to support a camera slider, it's best for camera only.

Over at B&H Photo Video they also have a special kit thrown together combining it with the 190XDB Tripod if you're in need of that too. I've never used one, but there's quite a few videos via Vimeo that show some serious travelers using the fluid head for it's small size and light weight (such as the Kata video above by Vimeo member Johnnie Behiri).

find-price-button Manfrotto 190XDB Tripod Legs (Black) with 700RC2 Video Fluid Head

4 thoughts on “700RC2 Mini Fluid Head + 190XDB Tripod

  1. Thanks Peter. I have the infamous "$24 dollar shoulder mount" and will definitely be brining this with me. My only concern with a cheap-o tripod is the glass that will be sitting on top of it...and basically that it's just too pricey to be relying on a piece of plastic. You bring up some good points though. I'll have to look into it more. Thanks!

  2. Hey Michael, if you're in a town that has a camera store, that might have a tripod selection. Go to it and check this stuff out. I have this tripod and head, and it is smaller, lighter and more manageable than the other manfrotto/bogen combos I have. But, it's still lugging around something more than I've needed in a few situations, where I over thought what I would bring. if you're going on safari, look in to putting together something that might not be pro, but does suit your specific needs. I would even go with a super clamp, or a Joby heavy duty bendable tripod. or a cheapo consumer tripod, that would fit in your backpack, like a monopod, only giving you a little more support..
    and definitely the infamous $24. shoulder mount unit.

  3. This might be a great option for me as I'm probably going to South Africa on a Safari in December. I was looking for smaller tripods that are still decent build quality.

  4. I'm a big fan of of the RC2 type manfrotto heads for DSLR use because they have small QR plates that match perfectly with the DSLRs.

    Another Head to also consider is the 128RC which is also very cheap and works prety well. I think it even supports more weight than the 700RC2 or the 701.

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