2011 Electronic View Finders

Really bad Mockup (fake image below)

I posted this article back in June: http://cheesycam.com/route-of-the-new-lcd-viewfinders/

Check out the new comment from Steve Weiss of Zacuto: https://www.cinema5d.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=19404&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=10

There's at least one remote electronic view finder w/ Loupe prototype in use, and other manufacturers have hinted about making the same. Looks like we'll have some new DSLR products early next year. Unless other people can release something before Zacuto. This new type of remote view finder makes lots of sense. It will be more compatible with the different types of articulating screens, different screen sizes, and different camera manufacturers. Let's just hope there will be at least one version that is 'affordable' to the masses.

Just another thought, i'm guessing to keep the Z-Finder compatible with the new view finder, the new EVF will be about the same aspect ratio as the 5D Mark II LCD. Isn't the new Cinevate Cyclops compatible with the 5D Mark II LCD and also with the Canon 60D articulating LCD? Meaning a Cyclops + this new Zacuto EVF could be an interesting mix.....

7 thoughts on “2011 Electronic View Finders

  1. I'll have to agree with Ryan. If Zacuto makes this, it will be priced really high as the rest of their products. I know the quality of their products is high but again as Ryan said, it's a small LCD with an eyepiece and a cable.

  2. I was at the IBC in Amsterdam, there stood a state of zacuto, I asked if she came with a variation on electric viewfinder, he was not happy that I arrived and it snouwend he said that it did not come When, to I asked if he also came with a viewfinder at the top of watching, he said he did not have time, but there was a directory of concurent.die I send them here.


    Varavon LCD Viewfinder for Canon EOS with Loupe

  3. I will very much be looking forward to the Chinese manufacturer versions because I'm sure the ones made by Zacuto will be modestly priced far above my price range. Bottom line... it's a 3" LCD with eyepiece and cable.

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