Route of the new LCD ViewFinders?

Really bad Mockup (fake image below)

There's been speculation and alot of hype from different Loupe makers about changing the way we currently 'view' through DSLR's. One statement from a well known company (I won't quote completely), mentioned something kinda like:

'Right now you hold the camera up to your eye, that's going to change'.

I've seen many different types of Remote 'Live View' Viewfinders on the market and it's starting to make sense that new LCD loupes could start using this screen instead of the one directly mounted on the DSLR. These DSLR's aren't outputting true HD, so a decent tiny 3-4" remote monitor with a magnified LCD Z-Finder loupe attached would be a pretty cool focusing device. I'm imagining a new type of DSLR shoulder rig where the camera sits normally down the center (not offset), and the remote LCD Viewfinder is positioned through a flexible adjustable arm (much like the ones to hold monitors today). This would provide alot of flexibility when doing low shots, high shots, or any other random type shot while still displaying live view through a remote 3" LCD with a Z-Finder magnified LCD view finder attached. This would be great for a remote Focus Puller too.

We got any fancy Photoshop users out there who care to start mocking up what this could look like? Better yet, If you're planning on some forward thinking and want to beat the other guys to the punch, check out the options already available below to mount your existing LCD Viewfinder Loupe.

A popular Remote LCD that's been out for a while

How about this one? This one attaches to the EyePiece and acts like an angled viewfinder.

This Seculine Remote LCD would be a perfect idea to mount a magnified LCD loupe to it.

So basically the idea is to mount your DSLR on shoulder rig, but only relocate one of these Remote LCD's to the proper position. No need to relocate the entire DSLR video camera.

10 thoughts on “Route of the new LCD ViewFinders?

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    They have something called 'The Cube' that is just a few weeks old. That works to send video to remote laptops or even the iPad.

  3. Debo

    How about an iPad with a cradle on the end of an articulated arm attached to the camera cage. (Would the 802.11 protocol provide enough bandwidth?) Craft an app to deliver a totally untethered solution with an expanded capability set (in terms of overlays, real-time orientation cues. Even with a tether it would still be viable...

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  5. Matt

    I've been waiting for someone to come out with a head-mounted viewfinder. Sort of like the rig the U.S. military designed for their "future soldier" project years ago.

    An LCD screen that mounts to one of your eyes similar to an eye patch, with a cable running to the camera. I imagine this could actually provide a stabilizing benefit, as you can move the camera and focus without needing to balance it in front of your face. You could also should around corners and over the top of crowds with it, while still having full view of what is being recorded.

  6. Danny

    As a T2i owner what I really need is a simple, small, low powered articulated monitor for FRAMING. I question the obsession for an HD image. I can switch to focus-zoom with a button. Two elements are critical:

    1. an LED lit LCD (LEDs use way less than the usual CFL)
    2. a simple articulated joint -- not a big bulky ball joint that requires loosening and tightening with each adjustment.

  7. Chad


    A bit off subject- but - unfortunately I'm shooting right now with a D5000- any suggestions for an LCDVF? I can't seem to find one. Thanks!

  8. drew

    I think we are seeking something called a 'viewfinder' as used on modern television cameras. Hi resolution 2.5" screen (color or B/W) with diopter/loop. Needs to be high enough image quality to use for focusing and framing.

  9. Lawrence

    The best quality would be to use the HDMI output rather than the AV output these current remote viewfinders use.

    However, I wonder if this will be a short term market.

    Given the huge interest in DSLR video, I can't believe the camera manufacturers aren't going to respond with DSRLs that have moveable, or even removable LCD screens.

    Actually Canon is already the only DSRL manufacturer who doesn't have a DSLR with a moveable LCD.

    Surely it can only be a matter of time before the camera manufacturers themselves make better provision for this.

  10. Jordan

    A small lcd screen that takes video out of the USB port (there's both a wired and wireless version):

    I had the idea to attach a loupe to the wired version of this device, but I haven't seen anything but the wireless version for sale as of late.

    Also a concept I was playing with was to use a iPhone or iTouch as the viewing screen. Currently no one makes an app that will take video out of these cameras, but if it can be done I don't see why we couldn't use them as cheap viewfinders. ON1 makes an app that uses a computer as a pass-through to get video on your iPhone. I don't know how close they are to adding direct tethered functionality.

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