160 LED Video Lights – What’s Going On??

Looks like Yongnuo is always one step ahead of me. Earlier I posted about their 135 LED Video light, which uses rechargeable batteries and can be charged via USB. Looks like they are well on their way to building up more accessories for DSLR video and the 160 LED is the next in line. This wasn't on their website the last time I checked, but here it is already for sale today. Here's where it gets a bit confusing, so try to follow along. It 'looks' like the CN-160 which is a larger version of the CN-126. The goose neck deal looks very similar, but the Yongnuo YN-160 is a different light than the CN-160.

Back of YN-160

Back of CN-160 (OLD Version)

Ok, so we know it's not the same light, and the Yongnuo's are putting out barndoors. Might be good, might be bad. Here's another thing that will confuse you even more. The old CN-160 has had a major overhaul and tries to mimic the design of the Z96! My head is spinning, but hopefully you're all following. Here's the latest build on the CN-160 with stacking capabilities to create a single larger light panel and a better goose neck than the previous models. This looks like a true rival for the Z96 which sells for way more than this 'new' CN-160.


So as far as 160 LED Video lights go - it doesn't look like Yongnuo's 160 is 'stacking' up. No pun intended...ok i'm lying..pun was definitely intended. The latest Dimmable 160 LED Video Lights found here:
find-price-button Yongnuo 160 LED Video Camera Light

find-price-button New CN-160 LED Video Light

27 thoughts on “160 LED Video Lights – What’s Going On??

  1. can someone confirm which lights have the available dc jack? I have a CN160 which I bought last month off of Amazon (Neewer sticker on the blue box, shipped from amazon) and I cannot find an available dc jack). I also have looked at a few of the options online, many of which mention a DC in the description but see no photo's of where the wire would be plugged in. Any help would be great.

  2. brake

    I realise this is a bit old now but I just stumbled across it.

    I wanted to get a few Neewer CN-160 LED lights but I live in Australia and Amazon doesn't ship them down here.

    Are all CN-160 LED lights the same regardless whether it's Neewer or Generic branded?

    Some Generic ones are - as you know - available from ebay.

    They look the same but I can't be too sure now.

    Also, what Yang said the new and old 160's are different companies, and the old are more luminous than the new? =\

  3. Ugh, I'm starting to collect these things like crazy...OK I bought 2 of the new CN-160 and the stacking option is great. Also they have an AC input that is going to be nice once I figure out how to make a multi-output Ac adapter to power several of these things at once. the new hotshoe arm is much better and more stable but still missing the nice light stand mount the YN has...this is so important especially if you start stacking these as they get pretty heavy and this hotshoe is going to easily break. I really wish they would make a lightstand arm like the YN.

  4. yang

    The new cn-160 is TTV-160. In fact,CN-160 and TTV-160 are not the same company.even the package box is not the same. I don't know why the sellers named it cn-160. Cn-160 has more Luminous than TTV-160.

  5. Vinnie

    Hey Emm, just got a Yongnuo 160. I find that once I get 6 batteries into the light, it is rather wobbly. I'm quite concerned that it's eventually going to break off. If the light does happen to survive the fall, what other kind of mounting options should/can I look into?

  6. Philip K

    Any update on these YN-160s??

    There was mentions of people getting them but other than MikeyMike no one has commented on if they are any good.

    I'm specifically looking at these compared to the Z96s and how they might work together if they were mixed. I'm guessing that they have more output than the Z96s?


  7. Steve

    "the YN-160’s barndoors are useless because they make a stripe pattern on the wall even with the diffusion."

    Ok, I don't see how that a 'win'. The barn doors are the primary reasons I even considered the YN. But if it leaves a pattern on the wall then whats the point?

    I bought a CN160 some time ago and haven't had any problems with it yet. Just buy and custom fit any gels you want to it and it has endless possibilities.

  8. MikeyMike

    Ok the YN-160's barndoors are useless because they make a stripe pattern on the wall even with the diffusion. The YN-160 doesn't have the green tint that the CN does. The YN's handle to mount on light stand is priceless, also feels more solid construction than the CN. Extra red filter with the CN. The CN might be a tad brighter but really hard to tell.

    Winner: YN-160

  9. doniu

    So the new one has the knob in the back? Has anyone bought this and seen a difference between the new and old?

  10. @imgpro615

    How is the brightness compared to the old version of the CN-160? Is it the same, brighter?


    Here's also some specs on the YN-160 and CN-160 (old) with brightness comparisons

    Distance Lux
    1m 1480lux
    2m 450 lux
    3m 178 lux
    4m 101 lux

    CN-160 (OLD)

    distance Lux
    1m 900Lux
    2m 240Lux
    3m 120Lux
    4m 70Lux
    5m 40Lux

    These are directly off ebay.


  11. I have the original CN-160 and can tell you it is a must have on shoots. I would have liked the barn doors though as my last shoot we had to creat a snoot out of black foil so I would almost opt for the YN-160

  12. bill

    Can the yongnuo base be modified? Great light be the connection to the stand is very weak.

  13. got my updated cn160 and it is brilliant! more sturdy, better shoe attachment, nicer dimmer, and only slightly more expensive...all in all...WIN!
    ordered more so i can have a nice set...

  14. I too have become quite confused with all these new LED light options. Few comparisons seem to be on the internet so far. Does anyone know of a good resource that really compares or demos all these LED lights?

  15. Aberz

    How good is the CN quality compare to the YN ? CN 160 is about $50 ( same with YN 135 ) and YN 160 is $75.

    The 4 way hot shoe is very tempting . We can always use 1 CN + 3 YN set up , look quite bad ass too.

  16. Mickey Jones

    You have succeeded in confusing me.

    So is the YN-160 any good or do we not yet know. Is the CN a better deal?

    I was about to buy the 135 ... Every time I get ready to buy one of theses LED shoe lights, something changes.

  17. Zvi

    Neither of these have a dc input which I can connect to a d-tap out from a 14.4V battery. Z96 works like a charm powered like that. Wish I snatched few more while they were dirt cheap!

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