160 LED old – 170 LED new

The 160 LED Video Lights (larger brother of the popular 126) is now old news. You'll find many of the pricing on the 160's coming down fairly cheap, but that could be due to a slightly better version that is now out with 170 LEDs.

find-price-button Latest version - 170 Dimmable LED Video Light

I'm not sure if the overall unit has a better build, but it appears to be from the same manufacturer, and the new 170 LED video light will also come with the much better adjustable metal ball mount (not the plastic crappy version). Many shooters picked up a minus green filter to further correct a slightly green cast on these CN lights, and it appears the new 170 version also comes standard with a pink (minus green) filter now.

The older 160 LED Video lights
find-price-button 160 LED Video Lights

2 thoughts on “160 LED old – 170 LED new

  1. I just got the old CN 160, it said Nanguang on the box, plus three Sony-style lithium ion batteries for $90.
    Two tips:
    Installing batteries: I couldn't get the batteries to fit right until I took off the frame that surrounds the battery cavity on the back of the light. Slide the battery into contact with the silver spikes on the light, but not pushed in all the way. Then seat the battery flush with the back of the light. Then slide it sideways, all the way home on the silver spikes.
    Battery choice: I ordered three NP-F550-570 replacements but I got two of those and an NP-FM50/FM55H replacement, which is smaller but the label rates it at the same capacity as the two larger ones. It's easier to slide this smaller one in.
    I haven't really done a shakedown with these things but the easier installation is a selling point to me.
    And this light is BRIGHT! (Let me know if I'm getting too technical on this last point.)

  2. These are great lights. I have the older 160 LED model and used it for a music video the other night. It works well at night when there's a small lamp post or something similar to use as a fill light. I usually have my camera (S95) in one hand and light in the other, but off to the side.

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