Zoom H1 Lavalier Winner?

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As soon as the Zoom H1 was released, I began my search for the perfect 'low budget' lavalier microphone. I'm not saying the Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lavalier can outperform other $100.00+ microphones, but from the tests i've seen and the comments i've received, this is the microphone for me. This little Lav comes in at under $24.00 dollars! This microphone is also battery powered. Just 'generally' speaking, powered microphones tend to perform better than non-powered microphones. Whether you'll find use for this with your Zoom H1 to possibly replace some wireless situations, at under $24.00 dollars it's a nice thing to just have in the bag. Even without the Zoom H1, this microphone connected directly to your DSLR is already an improvement over the built in camera microphone. So after researching a few Vimeo videos, YouTube videos, and checking out some comments from some of the readers i'm skipping the KFC combo dinner tonight and throwin' it down on the Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lavalier.


54 thoughts on “Zoom H1 Lavalier Winner?

  1. Julio

    Hello EMM!
    Could be connected an etxternal mic into the Zoom H1 and this directly into a camera (Canon t2i or t3i)?
    Thanks and greetings from Argentina

  2. Hey Emm! Great great site.
    Just wondering. I've using the ATR3350, but I'm not too happy with having such a low signal output. I've been feeding it straight into my 550d with Magic Lantern on, mostly for interviews, and sometimes the signal is just too low.
    I'm thinking of either the H1 or the H4n to give it a bit of a boost through a clean preamp. Which would you recommend? You mention the H4n has better preamps, but is that still the best choice, since I'm using the ATR3350 and don't own any XLR mics?

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