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Forums are opening up with complaints about the new Zoom H1 having some serious battery drain issues. Just thought i'd post an article here to see what comments pour in. Supposedly there could be a bad batch of Zoom H1's floating around with problem capacitors that will drain brand new batteries to almost nothing just overnight. By habit I always recharge my Eneloop batteries and use a fresh set in all my gear before a shoot. So this is something i've never noticed. I'll have to grab a fresh pack of non-rechargeables to test this out myself on my units. I'm digging around to see what Samson or Zoom might have to say about this, and if it's true, what will be done for consumers. If you've got any more information, fill us in with your comments below.


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  1. @Oregon Attorney - I believe this is fixed. I can leave batteries in my recent Zoom H1s and still have battery the next time I power it up. There will always be some drain, but not as bad as it was before. If I left it in the Zoom H1, it would be dead overnight.

  2. Bought mine Feb 2014 at a shop in Vienna, Austria, serial is 00360111, assembled in China. Draining the battery quite fast, I used to remove the battery. My idea was that this product is just a very bad design. Now using my H1 more often, it is not acceptable for me the delay this causes (inserting the battery, date and time input). Now I'm late looking for a solution, but thanks to all who gave input, especially for the tip to C273. (soldered with wrong polarity? - will probably see for myself)

  3. Steve

    Bought mine Dec 2013, serial number 417802 with battery drain problem. It's taking just over 20 ma when switched off. Zoom talk of problem being resolved from serial number 40000 onwards is garbage.

  4. Zarneewoop

    Doh isn't this out there yet.
    If your H1 is out of warrentee and eats batteries when switched off you need to replace C273 with a 47uf 6.3v, its a tight fit but if you scrape away a bit of the copper each side of the cap you can squeeze it in.

    Remove the back and hold it upright, microphones to the top and battery bottom right. Look at the pcb to the left of the battery, from the bottom there is a cap, a coil (thing marked 4R7) above that is IC5 to the right of that is C5 then to the right of that is the one your looking for C273, be carefull to observe the polarity of the cap (make sure the marked side of the cap is to the top, the board is also marked with a +.

    I have four H1's three of which went back for repair and they came back with that component change, I also managed to speak to an engineer who confirmed it..

    Hope that's helpful for a few folks.

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