Seetec / Scope 3.5″ EVF Loupe

Towards the end of 2010, it seemed like there would be an explosion of Electronic View finders. In the end only a handful have been popular such as the Cineroid EVF (starting $548), Zacuto EVF (starting $749), and the SmallHD DP4-EVF (starting $599).

seetec evf scope 3.5 lcd hdmi
find-price-button 3.5" HDMI LCD Electronic View Finder

Here's a cheaper 3.5" HDMI EVF you will probably be hearing more about from Seetec. The magnifying loupe attaches and detaches similar to the SmallHD DP4, but that's pretty much where all the similarities end. Kicapi Productions has a video demonstrating some of the features [Thanks Kicapi Productions].

So hopefully the video above answers any questions about the EVF as you begin hearing about it from other blogs and forums. It's definitely not as high quality or as full featured as the other brands, but it comes in at about half the price. Kicapi Productions has the Scope 3.5" EVF already available to Malaysian/Asian countries at

For other buyers, the Seetec 3.5" HDMI LCD EVF can also be found via eBay (click here)

seetec 3.5 lcd evf hdmiscope seetech lcd hdmi evfscope seetech evf lcd monitor
find-price-button 3.5" HDMI LCD Electronic View Finder


19 thoughts on “Seetec / Scope 3.5″ EVF Loupe

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Brian K - What camera are you trying to use? This EVF does not always work on some cameras.

  2. Brian K

    Has anyone else received a copy that won't accept any HDMI input? Mine powers up and has a menu, but no matter the source, it always says No Input. I even tried using the HDMI Out port, just in case there was a labelling issue. Seems mine is a brick 🙁

  3. jakob

    does anyone know where to get the battery plate for sony batteries? it seems that everywhere you just get the canon plate together with the evf.
    @chandler: is it also possible to get the exposure via the evf? i know there is no zebra or histogramm (or is it possible to get this out via hdmi???) but still is it possible?
    and how long is the evf running time with which capacities that you are using?

  4. chandler

    Hey i wanted to report back and say that the EVF is pretty good. i was able to make an offer for 275 instead of paying full price. I would say the screen is better than my lilliput 5 inch monitor in regards to resolution and color. That may be dude to the reduced size of the screen. this is bare bones but definitely gets the job done. i know zacuto and other have more features but I don't find myself missing them. I'm using this with my Sony FS100. I use the on camera LCD for exposure and use the EVF for framing, especially when handheld.

  5. MihaK

    It's not exactly peaking, but software encreases contrast and sharpness, so it's easier to see - zacuto and smallHD both uses that principle.

    Still, any international seller for that US (227$) price?

  6. Mike C

    From a Seetec representative, one in the US could get the product for $227 shipped. If anyone is still on the fence about pricing, this may be more enticing.

  7. chandler

    i would consider this the same as someone buying a Lilliput monitor over a SmallHD monitor. No everyone can afford the high end USA made stuff or is ready for it yet. I was contemplating getting a used Cineroid EVF but then stumbled upon this for even cheaper. The thing that had me on the fence wasn't the price but how much I would find myself using it. I hate when some times I buy the top of the line gear and it collecting dust. I'd rather spend 300 nn something and see if its worth the upgrade to something better. 300 dust collector > 800 dust collector.

  8. @MJ,Greg,Altamiradora

    It is not a copy of the SmallHD. It is 3.5 inch.
    The price is way cheaper than SmallHD (USD 230 vs. USD 599) so you have to compromise a certain aspects of the quality.
    If you want to do direct comparison, I am more than willing to do the complete review provided you can supply me the Zacuto, Cineroid, and SmallHD versions for 2-3 days. I will return them back obviously.

    Thanks for commenting guys.

  9. John

    I wish the evf was removable to be used on the dslr like zacuto evf.
    Not bad if you want a evf for framing.

  10. chandler

    I just pulled the trigger on one of these to use with my FS100. Got my fingers crossed. FS100 already has peaking so I'm not even worried about that. Just need it for framing, since my new Tilta shoulder mount puts the camera directly on my shoulder instead of front of me.

  11. Mike C

    I like it. I would like to see it being used with Magic Lantern. It's not an editing or production monitor...No one is basing coloring off of an EVF, at least I would hope not. It definitely serves a great purpose, and the price reflects a more realistic bracket for a simple solution such as this. I wouldn't mind if there were no 'assist' features built in. The HDMI in/out, DC in, and 3 threaded mounting ports are great features.

  12. Greg

    I think a good decent EVF is extremely important, and worth the extra $ to buy quality reliable products. There are a few things I like to DIY and cut spending on, but this isn't. It's sort of like building a high-end desktop computer, but using a cheap monitor. The colors are off, or dead pixels might show up down the road.

    I don't like the fact that there is such an obvious copy of SmallHD's product.

  13. MJ

    This thing looks and sounds so poorly put together. The magnets are also a horrible idea. Completely cheapens the product.

  14. Altamiradora

    I'm sadden to see that this looks like a cheap copy of a SmallHD loupe especially with the magnets at the hinge.

    I haven't seen the product but I will stick buying SmallHD products and encourage our economy.

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